Top Trends In Graphic Designing: 2021 Edition

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Graphics have become an inseparable part of our online journeys. Whether it is that cute social media ad you saw that made you buy another pair of pyjamas, or a hoarding that made you aware of the importance of your mask on the daily commute- graphic design in ads and marketing campaigns is everywhere.

As the past year goes by, bidding adieu to past trends and welcoming the new ones has become as obvious as being with the latest fashion. With upcoming studies in marketing psychology and consumer behaviours, it is even more plausible to keep your website updated in the verse of graphic designing.

Let us take a peek at graphic design trends in store for us in 2021.

  • Softer Colour Palette

Colours are a blessing and their ability to stir emotion, perception, and awareness is what makes them a companion of everyone of graphic design. Generally, colours that are softer in tones, like pastels, will again take the cake this year. Light green and mate colours are some of the awesome examples. Mellow versions of quirky pink and orange are making a comeback in the design circles. Brands are favouring delicate shades over bold tones.

Margins and highlights are also being used via white spaces or big bold black strokes, to bring out the muted colours better.

  • Sliders And Roll-Overs As A Layout

With the advent of Instagram slides, design elements are shifting towards adding slider bars in website elements. Moreover, human eyes are highly captivated by moving objects. Even though they were a staple in most websites when it came to drop-down menus, these days sliders are being used even more creatively.

Designers are experimenting with website layouts that include sliders and roll-overs as key elements. Be it accessing product pictures or prices, websites are seamlessly made with interesting sliding sections. The only thing is to determine which part of a website or ad will require a slider or a roll-over. Mostly designers consider sliders for a homepage and that is one of the commonest application.

  • Classic Fonts

There was a time when floral and aesthetic fonts were a rage. Not anymore!

2021 brings with it simple Sheriff fonts that work complimentary to the images, without overwhelming them altogether. Ideally, every designer must experiment with the cozy typefaces that work magic in every project. There is a range of classic fonts that inspire creativity, authenticity, and calmness in designs. Also, without compromising with geometric elements.

  • Simplicity And Minimalism

Website design that has minimal elements and a sleek, clean look are preferred way more than the quirky, fun one. Generally, it inspires a sense of readability and the friendliness of the content or ad. However, cluttered graphic designs scare away human eyes. They generally trigger a perception that the content is complicated or not-just their type.

Images are not ornately done, but have bold margins and superimposed watermark designs. Therefore, keeping it simple will help you conquer the graphic design field.

  • Toned-down Images

Leverage the power of images this year and see how you transform your projects. Beautiful images have the power to capture the human mind and draw a viewer’s attention. Even though emojis are a rage these days, the predictable trends of 2021 bring forth images that are soft and aesthetic- with focus on the subject. Dramatic eye-line has given way to relaxed gaze, making toned-down images a new trend.

  • Separate Access Areas

One jazzy thing 2021 is bringing is the varied accessibility. Each website is now designed in a way that no unnecessary information is displayed on the landing page. Instead, each section has its dedicated roll-out, which when hovered on, opens up the desired information. Images are not ornately done, but have bold margins and superimposed watermark designs. Therefore, keeping it simple will help you conquer the graphic design field.

  • Video Editing For Better Content

TikTok, Instagram Reels and other video-content based platforms have brought about a serious revolution in social media marketing mississauga circles. Design in 2021 ushers in self-editing elements in applications and platforms to ensure better user participation. There is a range of video editing software and tools for your professional work.

All in all, graphic designs for 2021 will be toned-down and exuberate sophistication. Minimalism has seen popularity last year, too and this year seems to be going in the similar direction.

Hope, positivity and calmness are going to be the driving principles of graphic design in 2021. Let us see how this year unfolds!

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