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Top-notch service and low-priced hosting


A lot of users assume that a low-priced hosting service is a clear indicator of poor quality services. However, these days the hosting service industry is very competitive and providers are fighting very hard to win the likes of every single user. 

Because of this, such a thing as a poor service cannot exist, otherwise a company could not compete with its rivals. Hostens hosting services are no exception to this. 

Despite being a small modest-sized team, the provider is here to prove that low prices do not necessarily mean low quality. It’s quite the opposite in fact, for a very cheap price, you can still receive the highest quality hosting services!

A competent support team with a hamster leading the way

The Hostens Hamster works very hard and gives maximum effort to ensure that people receive the best hosting services possible. Along with this, the Hostens team takes huge pride in its highly-qualified and friendly support team.

The Hamster understands perfectly that not every person can be an expert in managing their website’s hosting, which is exactly why the support team of Hostens is ready to tackle any problem a user encounters 24/7 and help you navigate the vast oceans of the internet. 

You can also be sure that your website will be online almost all of the time without any disturbances thanks to a 99.95% SLA rating which the team also takes pride in.

Clear deals and no funny business

Another thing which Hostens focuses on is providing hosting packages for both individuals and small businesses that are clear as day, without any hidden fees or conditions that users should follow.

Because of this, you won’t find any deals here that offer “unlimited” resources, because such a thing simply does not exist anywhere in the world. The team specifies very clearly what resources each hosting package offers its users.

Hostens believes that people should know exactly what they get for the money they pay. There are no gimmicks or inconveniences here.

Don’t know where to begin? Let’s help you out with that

No matter what type of business you are involved in, we believe that everyone should have a chance to express themselves and share the great stuff they are doing with the world. The Hamster has taken care of every aspect for your very first website: your own domain, a hosting package, as well as a website builder.

Yes, even if you’re a complete greenhorn when it comes to managing your website, there’s a free domain ready for you right from the get go. All you need to work on is thinking of good name that will represent your business and the Hamster will deliver your domain as a gift for joining his company.https://www.hostens.com/shared-hosting/ . Just from 0.90$, you can get everything you need to launch your personal website.

Something about a website builder… What exactly is it?

Very good question! A website builder, to put it very simply, is a platform that helps you build your website using a simple drag-and-drop method. This includes adjustable images, tables, titles, text boxes and other key components of what makes a website great and effective.

What’s also great is the fact that you’ll be able to see your final result immediately as the preview will change in real-time. No matter what type of website you want to build and what settings or components you want to use, it’s very easy to do with a few clicks of a button.

The best part? The builder is completely free and for everyone, no matter what type of hosting package you choose.

I think security is very important for a website. What about it here?

If you would ask the Hamster, he would agree with you completely. Security should be one of the top priorities for any hosting service provider out there and so it is for Hostens as well.

No website wants to get SPAM, so we make sure that you’re not bothered by it as well. Your mailbox here will be included with a SPAM filter. And in order to protect the important data on your website, you can also add an SSL certificate for your website.

The Hamster works very hard to make sure your website remains secure from the server’s side 24/7 by monitoring all of the important systems.

A small country with a strong network

Hostens is an essential part of “Interneto Vizija”, the largest provider of web hosting services in Lithuania. Top-notch service and low-priced hosting 3

What’s Lithuania anyway? 

Nobody’s heard of Lithuania, except for Lithuanians themselves. 

Ok, that was a joke. 

We may be a small country, but we’re still at the heart of Europe (literally) and the bridge between the East and the West.

Along with this, we are proud of the fact that we have extremely fast (according to some measurements the fastest) internet connection in the world thanks to our well-developed data transmission network.

This makes Lithuania the perfect place for a datacenter, which Hostens has, of course, utilized. Have a look at our shiny and powerful data center where all of the website data is stored safe and well. https://www.hostens.com/about-us/our-data-center/