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Top Five Dab Pens and Wax Pens

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In recent years, there has been a rise in demand for dab and wax pens in the legalized states. A lot of companies have now released vaporizers capable of handling dabs, waxes, and concentrates.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of the best wax pens and dabs pens available in the market to help you choose the one that fits your needs.

Sol E-Nectar Collector Dap Pen

With its portable, pocket-sized features, the Sol E-Nectar Collector Dap Pen is a modern device that will most definitely fulfill your dabbing needs.

You can easily carry it around in your errands without the fear of power depletion. It has an excellent quartz atomizer and a replaceable ceramic coil to make adjustments if it does not heat evenly.

With the excellent heating capacity, you can enjoy your hit within three seconds of inhaling. The atomizer in this device ensures that you have a clean and pure hit from the concentrates.

Since it is small and discreet, you can fit in the palm without being noticeable to the other persons.

Kandypens Prism Dab Pen

Kandypens have been known to manufacture the best vaping devices and have been endorsed by a dozen of times by celebrities in rap videos.

The prism dab pen is proof that they are dedicated to delivering quality products as it is portable and stays powered up for up to eight hours straight.

The dab pen gives you great hits and produces enormous vapor clouds, which is excellent for those who love a great show.

The atomizers are replaceable and coil-less, thus making them lighter. It is easy to use the device and quick to clean; like most of the dab pens, you can power it up by clicking the activation button.

With its 10.5cm size, you realize the great benefits that you get in terms of portability. As for the aesthetics, it comes in an excellent exterior finishing, thus accentuating your style.

Yocan Magneto Wax Pen

Yocan is popular for producing well-built and long-lasting devices.

Yocan Magneto Dab pen has ac multi-layered ceramic atomizers, making it an exceptional vaping device that gives you great convenience and efficiency. It absorbs all the smoke and harmful ingredients that could be present therein.

As the name suggests, Yocan Magneto uses magnetic connections to reload, thus fostering efficacy. If you are on-the-go with the dab pen, the magnetic connections will help prevent any leakage.

To improve the concentrate’s flavor, the coil in the atomizer slows the heating process so that it is slightly below the combustion point.

Yocan Magneto has an 1100 mAh ego-style 510 that enables you to get more draws from it unlike other like pens.

It can easily slip into a pocket eliminating the need to carry a different tool for loading the chamber.

Linx Ares Dab Pen

The portable device has an exposed heating element that boosts vaporization when it gets into contact with the concentrate.

In the package, you get a rechargeable battery, ceramic rod atomizer, magnetic atomizer cover, magnetic pen cap, stainless steel sheath, container, mouthpiece, and charge for the device.

With the ceramic rod atomizers, you eliminate any worries for loading your concentrate into the device. The specific design allows for faster heating so that you get that great flavor within the first hit discreetly as it assumes the shape of a pen.

 Maintaining the device and cleaning it is safe, secure, and doable within thirty minutes or less depending on the dirt that has settled.

AirVape X Dab Pen

AirVape X Dab pen is designed in the shape of an oval, and the device has an excellent temperature control capability to help you comfortably vape your concentrate.

You can make the temperature adjustments to experience different hits and intensities from 200i F to 420i F.

The changes will appear on an LED display showing the power of the battery, length of a hit as well as the temperature. One gets a vibration alert when the maximum temperature has been achieved. With this, you have an easy time making precisions, and knowing what your best hits are, you can differentiate the twenty-second hit from the five-second hit.

The mouthpiece has an excellent capping ability as it uses magnetic connections to close and open.


Before making a dab pen purchase, be sure to assess each of them’ pros and cons, depending on the needs and satisfaction limits you desire.

Each device has features making it unique whereby the specialty will be inclined to the quality of the expected results.

Once you acquire them, endeavor to perform the proper cleaning and maintenance procedures to get the durability advantage.

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