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Top Business Growth Strategies for your Platform to Increase Profit Rate


Many businesses have plans to raise their traffic, engaging and more earnings.

Mostly, the big companies started at a small pace but the reality is that only a few small businesses gradually grow and become big brands.

According to statistics,

  • Just 50% of startups survive over 5 years
  • On an average 9 out of 10 startups fail
  • Just 0.1percent of businesses ever reach 250 million in yearly revenue.

Do you want to develop a growth strategy for your company? Great!


If you do not have a solid plan for expansion, may you lose the chance of your business to your competitors?

How you can ensure that your business is sustainable? 

An effective growth strategy is much more important than simply envisioning long-term success. You should figure out measurable issues on your expansion and follow all the rules along with that.

In this guide, we will look into the phases of company growth and types of business development strategies that may be employed by any company to achieve long-term achievement.

Here are the few development approaches, should consider these points.

Economy Penetration

Market penetration is utilized when a company opts to market into its existing products or the same market.

In a marketplace where there is very little product differentiation, decreasing the cost might help raise the market share.


Diversification could be risky, especially for smaller companies. Therefore, small companies should aim to diversify.


It is a helpful strategy for a company who are seeking to get into a new marketplace and expand its product lineup.

Always be clear, of what you want to achieve together with the plan but it will take a substantial upfront investment.

Economy Expansion

Market growth is used when a business finds new applications for its existing products. In case you have only a couple of customers, you can probably respond to each conversation with clients.

With CRM platforms like HubSpot, you would be able to keep all the information that you want to learn about your customers or their expertise area. T

Accounting Computer Software

Accounting applications like QuickBooks and FreshBooks will help you concurrently monitor expenditures, pay taxes and deliver bills to various customers. The more organized your budget is, the simpler it is to handle later on.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the best tools that will assist you to keep on top of your clients’ minds. Although, your ultimate success is dependent upon the content of your mailing list, target market, along with the audience where you send mails.

Social networking websites have become increasingly popular tools in the business. Hootsuite integrates all of your social networking accounts in one place. Together with Hootsuite, you do not need to stop by each social networking account to upgrade profiles.

Benefits and Risks of Business Growth

Business growth is a stage once the business reaches the point for its expansion and searches for further chances to generate more profit.

Keep in mind that company growth may come in many types and you shouldn’t focus just on earnings or asset growth because, in this circumstance, you risk missing out earning attempts that can result in incredible returns.

In reality, business growth fascinates which increase in sales, market growth, and growth of business value.

Growth is the objective of any business and there are two Kinds of Business Growth

Organic business growth is slow and tends to be safer since you’re growing naturally by simply doing more of what your company is good at.

Apart from that, you have more time for constructing the necessary abilities to support your expansion and handle it.

Quick business development is possible because of executing a successful business plan. It can be quite profitable but, at the same time, it involves certain dangers and challenges.

There are so many reasons to pursue business growth such as increased earnings, increased importance in the industry, and wider brand recognition.

Brands generally spend time and money on advertising to reach new clients and maintain them. Rather, they could use their fund’s service expansion and product creation. But they could easier attract big-name customers, top talent and investors which are necessary for an organization’s growth.

Corporate Business growth may result in revenue gain if your choices are not based on a substantial amount of market study. According to polls, about 42 per cent of unsuccessful start-up companies reported a shortage of market need as the essential reason behind their failure. Other leading failure reasons are failed pivots in services and products, hiring incorrect team associates, and legal struggles. The good thing is that a large part of these growing problems is avoidable.

What should you do to prevent pitfalls or minimize the risks of company growth? 

Your decisions should be informed and centred on long-term aims instead of day-to-day demands.

So before making an effort to broaden your business, you should take time to document your growth strategy and be sure that your choices are based not on-premises but reliable business information.

If you believe that this is too complex for you, you can always rely on specialist help to any business experts.

We can also assist you to develop a business growth strategy that details your particular business goals and defines measures you will need to choose for meeting those goals.

Strategy ensures revenue

Discover how our advertising strategies can help your business grow to maintain optimal ROI.

Throughout the development, all small companies go through certain phases of the business life cycle and surrender problems that may call for different approaches to their answers.

The evolution phase is simply to start 

You get a fantastic idea of starting a new business. You have to check your business idea & perform market research, collect feedback from the friends and the business specialists to know whether your idea is worthy or not.

If your idea is a breakthrough that should change the current marketplace. You need to construct an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to crash-test your idea.

Your Business needs Guidance today

You’ve developed products or services your company offers and start selling and marketing them. At this phase, generally, people are getting clients and delivering the products or services. The company plan is just to remain alive and become workable.

Check survival stage

Now the company has enough clients and adds new ones. The company is generating revenue which will help pay for operational expenditures. The company may grow in size and profitability and you might want to create changes in your business model before expanding your business to the mass market.

Expansion stage

The business is flourishing. It is time to enlarge and find new markets and distribution channels. You may add new products and services and have quick revenue growth. The key issues are the best way to grow quickly and where to locate money for this growth.

The company has enough resources for detailed and strategic planning.

At this phase, entrepreneurs have 2 choices

expand further or exit the business.

Kinds of Business Development Strategies

There are different types of business development models. 

The model for your company’s development is a straightforward business activity that can improve your margins. But when your company evolves into a more mature phase in its lifecycle, you’ll have to construct a strategic growth map which will complement your business model.

There are different common small business development strategies. You can also use a mix, taking into consideration your company’s size and capacities. You can experiment and try 2 or more approaches to understand what combination works best.

To Increase profit, you can Implement the following Strategies:

  • Improving your marketing with existing merchandise on the current marketplace
  • Penetrating fresh markets
  • Expanding product choice
  • Diversification
  • Growing through acquisitions
  • Advertising Improvement

The Best Practices which help to Flourish your Ideas

Successful businesses have embraced or believe in understanding their clients’ needs. They adopt tools like the customer compassion map to determine new strategies to generate value. Deep conversation with clients creates more opportunities to innovate their ideas.

Just a few businesses invest their time in the office with clients. A fantastic way to understand clients’ needs would be to facilitate open communication and allows clients to increase opinions regarding your merchandise.

Simply speaking, it is up to each company to find out how to increase. Although many companies begin with a small number of funds, they finally outgrow these first resources.

Every company needs to have a well-thought-out expansion strategy. A systematic strategy for expansion helps a company to identify new opportunities later on.

To Sum Up

This strategy can apply to both small and medium-sized businesses. But you need to accept the fact that although you worked out in a market for a lengthy time, you might not understand all your clients’ needs and the reasons why a number of the clients favour your opponents.

So, start with an in-depth evaluation of your opponents and learn from their failures and successes. Spend some time in CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) analysis.

In doing so, you’ll get lots of ideas for the advancement of your marketing operations.

I hope you found the valuable information and don’t hesitate to discuss ideas or questions you might have.

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