Top Apps Of 2020 For Lonely People

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Currently, there is much symposium about how helpful technology is in terms of tackling loneliness for people. Loneliness as a concern where people feel a lack of social interaction and isolation. There is the endless inducement of why we experience loneliness. Technology offers many ways and solutions to remove the epidemic of loneliness to serve yourself at best.


We’ve put a list of accommodating apps together, which may provide some of the support you need if you’re feeling lonely. Apps are the walkover of cutting ideas and technology, and if you feel alone, you can talk to someone you trust.


Don’t let yourself in the back seat of emotions & loneliness; let see how these free apps lend a friendly ear to a stranger.


  •  TalkLife: 

Life can be incredibly tough for everyone; if you’re struggling, you can get support from TalkLife. It connects you with real people worldwide who want to listen to you, give peer support, and hold you without judgments & opinions.


Everyone needs a safe space where they can express and share how they feel; that’s why TalkLife is so helpful. 


At TalkLife,

  • Aid in opening up with someone.
  • Share life’s ups and downs.
  •  You can seek genuine advice.
  • Talk about anything from mental health, breakups, and depression.
  •  Get involved in a community of thousands of people who share the same grounds as you.


  • Happy: 

Whether you feel stress, anxious, and sad. Happify gives you practical tools and programs to take care of your feelings, thoughts, and emotional wellbeing. It is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology to boost your mood from the negative presence of mind. 


Happify gives, 

  • Engaging activities and games at any time & anywhere.
  • Conquering struggle of everyday challenges, relationships, or performance at work.
  • Help in coping with stress and loneliness.
  • Support in achieving mindfulness.
  • Self-improvement program that is free to use.


  • Meetup: 

Most of you would feel safer and more comfortable to meet people to share your loneliness and time who belong to common grounds as you. Meetup apps itself is a service used to organize online groups that host events for people with similar interests. 


You can get connected with local groups and discover events for all the things you love. Like you are looking for a dance team, discuss your craftings & arts with similar like-minded people. 


Through Meetup, you can

  •  Look for the events that you are interested in, such as book clubs for mediation.
  • Tour and explore groups by category, search with keywords, and discover what is popular in your area. 
  •  Manage your groups from anywhere with an easily personalized setup.
  •  Track the events’ flow by sharing photos and updating and message the people to connect in the group.


  • Hey! VINA: 

Different app from all, A women’s friendship app! As it builds applications, especially for females only. Hey! VINA is a social network for women to find new friends and groups. 


Every girl looks for a girl friendship, for hanging out, women who like to travel with their gang are now quickly reaching this app. It is like a Tinder (girls) app as you swipe & arrange to meet people but on a different note of ending. 


VINA says, 

  •  Empowers you to choose your community of peaceful women.
  • It taps to provide power to a supportive global community.
  • Sign in for Facebook & Instagram, swipe right to meet, take quizzes, go to events, join your choice community, and more.
  •  Quicker reachability from anywhere to increase your social circle.


  • Predictable: 

The latest word prediction technology outlines for literate people but lost their ability to speak due to some illness. One can express their thoughts and feelings by typing on predictable; it automatically predicts what you want to say and reads out your every sentence. 


It imparts a voice to people who feel lonely. On one’s own, predictable is a multi-award winning app. 

Predictable offers-

  • Ten different languages.
  • Ability to auto-complete sentences through AI keyboard & speakers.
  • The option of clapping & laughter.
  •  Enhanced feature of head tracking & gesture.
  •  Phrase blank in a grid-view.
  • Avoid interruptions through, speak prepared sentences while you type.


  • Huggle:

Away from dating apps, Huggle is a friendship seeking application. It is a location-based device that connects the people who have visited frequently listed locations—originally designed to meet and connect different people who share mutual interest and lifestyle. 


Huggle is all about connecting people who match by the same locations. For example, coffee shops, cafes, malls, or museums. It works automatically, checking you in to the places you visit and sharing with those who are into the same. 


Huggle loved by all as it provides various features like,

  • Here you have a choice to select as per your preference whether you go for a date or friendship based on age & gender.
  • Swipe upwards to see bio, photos & place in common with someone.
  • Here you can send pictures & videos.
  •  Find out past journeys through the timeline option.
  1. Youper: 

A new way to see your wellbeing. It is one of the world’s first emotional and personal trainers for your mind. You use AI to understand your emotions, needs, and provide everything to feel you best. Doctors and therapists create it.

Through these therapies, give mind relief, hold your back, and solutions to individuals. 

In instance to Youper,

  • Take on a mood tracker.
  • A chat interface.
  •  Integrate and guide sessions mindfulness sessions.
  •  Always there to talk and support available.
  • Mentally prepare yourself by arrangements of therapy.
  • Available in free & premium features.
  •  Monitor your disorders, anxiety, depressions, and other things.

Connectedness is necessary to all humans due to bored stuffed we tend to focus ourselves on negative thoughts. The longer we face loneliness, the worse comes in overall wellbeing. Connections to communities can be essential, relaxing to one’s soul.

Indeed emotional connections, faces, voices, and talking can all help you when you are isolated. I hope these above apps render the best services to finding the cure to lonely people.

John Smith can usually be found binging on indie series on Netflix. When not absorbed in the latest gut-wrenching thriller, John loves dancing, cooks very badly, enjoys strolling around the city, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer. He lives in the USA, with her brother and adorable puppy, Fudge.