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Top 6 Digital Marketing Tips To Power Up Your Business In 2020

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Being into the marketing industry we all are well aware of the importance of trends, technologies, and user sentiments. Marketing strategies are subjected to changes and these changes are sometimes unpredictable until and unless we try them. 

The year 2020, has been challenging so far in terms of market competition, the latest core updates from Google and one can’t overlook the sudden change in the market due to pandemic situations. These situations have made it hard for businesses to maintain their sales, conversions, and other marketing efforts. 

However, after sailing these 5 months of the unpredictable market situation, now its time to move back to normalcy. This blog will be focusing on the quick tips to do marketing efficiently in the fastest time to reach a wider audience.

Digital marketing strategies have greatly evolved with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, greater use of smartphones, social media platforms, and lower internet costs.

Business marketing strategies to efficiently engage your audience

Here are a few tips to focus to boost your business marketing strategies to efficiently engage your audience.

1. Enrich Your Content With UGC

If you haven’t heard of the term UGC by now, then don’t worry, it’s nothing but the content generated by the users which are present since ages but haven’t been leveraged properly for marketing purposes. 

User-generated content (UGC) is the content generated by the users and shared on online platforms like social media platforms or review platforms, etc. UGC can be in any photographic content, video, reviews, ratings, or feedback. This is the most authentic form of content users share their real-life experiences with the product or service of a brand.

Marketers can repurpose the user-generated content in many different ways. For example, you can display UGC to your website visitors to boost engagement and trust. Also, e-commerce businesses can use UGC to tag their products and repurpose the content on social media to give a real-life experience to your consumers.

UGC is the most trusted content by the users in today’s time and shared highly on social media platforms. As a marketer, you don’t need to spend time in creating branded content but can easily invest time in repurposing the content for multiple marketing campaigns. 

2. Create Engaging Videos

Video content plays an important role in the buyer’s journey. People look for informational content before making any investment and thus providing visual content in the form of the short video is a bliss to the customers. 

Many businesses are turning towards leveraging benefits from video platforms to educate their audience about the products and services. Video marketing is helping brands to boost their sales and conversions by enhancing brand trust.

There are many options to create content for video, for instance, product comparison video, unboxing video, product real-life demonstration by influencers, etc.

3. Personalize Content

Marketing in 2020, is all about getting personalization to deliver greater user-experience. Due to an increase in automation, it’s easy to understand the customer purchase cycle and thus, can help in creating marketing strategies. 

It has been noted that users engage more with a brand that delivers personalized content. Businesses are using machine learning to create personal messages for their existing customers to tell them about new products or services. 

There are many analytics tools that help you analyze your marketing campaign performance, use this data to identify your potential customers. Once you are aware of your customers, you can create personalized content to attract them to take your services. 

4. Social Media Marketing Will Enable Greater Engagement Rates 

Social media platforms offer greater reach and a wider audience base to promote your brand. In 2020, if you want to conquer the social media platforms then you need to optimize it for comments, creative content, and user-engagement.

It is a fact that if you want to engage users then your content should be unique, relevant to current trends, creative visuals, and videos. Moreover, linking your social media platforms to your website will boost traffic, engagement, and conversions on your website. 

5. Increase in Interactive Content 

When we talk about interactive content it includes anything that lets users click, swipe, scroll, etc. on content. In 2020, businesses are focusing on creating content that focuses more on entertaining users while educating them with your brand.

Content like Quizzes, Poll Questions, 360-degree video to display store or product, Augmented Reality marketing ads, and many more. These kinds of content leave a lasting impression on the customers and inspire them to follow you on social media platforms. 

6. Voice Powered Search Optimization 

With the help of Siri, Google, and Alexa, voice-assistant devices, digital marketing now includes creating content that is easily voice searched. As more people are using mobile devices, it’s important for businesses to focus on mobile-friendly voice searches. Voice searches also enhance the use of artificial intelligence to analyze user behavior. 


Though the digital marketing trend changes frequently depending on the market flow, it’s important for businesses and marketers to follow them. It’s better to focus on online marketing strategies and digital marketing trends in 2020 because the way users interact with your brand has changed suddenly and swiftly. To be ahead in the competitive market start personalizing your products and services.

To help you grow your business there are plenty on marketing platforms available online. Also, it’s better to focus on user-generated content as it will bring brand trust and engagement to your business. To leverage the benefits of UGC you can choose the best UGC platforms available online. 

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