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Top 5 Games That You Can Play to Pass Your Time During Quarantine


Being cooped up at home due to the widespread pandemic of COVID-19, our days have become quite monotonous. We’re bored out of our wits and desperate for relief. We look for something to add a little fun to our lives. 

Gloomily, with our options limited, leaving us with confined ways to do so. But, thanks to our smartphones, we don’t have to look that far. 


Playing online games with our families and friends is a great way to keep ourselves entertained while in quarantine, for instance, people play Roblox with this article and relish their spare time. On top of that, it’s an effective way of staying social while maintaining social distancing. Here’s a list of top five games, you can play to chase off your boredom and amuse yourself. 


PUBG (Mobile)

Unless you are Patrick Star, I’m sure you’ve already heard of PUBG AKA PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It had earlier created quite a buzz in the online gaming community across the world since its launch. But, its popularity has gone through the roof during the quarantine period. Millions of new players, no matter their age, who couldn’t keep their temptation to earn that ‘Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!’ at bay, eagerly joined in for obvious reasons. 


An online, multiplayer (up to 100) battle royale game bringing friends, family, or even strangers together to team up, fight, plunder and strategize together- What’s not to like! And let’s not forget, the multiple game modes and various intricately manufactured maps the game offers, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. In case you haven’t yet, give it a go! Who knows, you might even unleash your dormant gaming skills and end up making some easy money out of it.


Call of Duty: Mobile

Although it is yet another battle royale game, COD: Mobile has received just as traction and recognition as the former. It was exclusively designed for mobile platforms and offered elaborate multiplayer maps and modes. You can challenge players from all around the world to battle in the Ranked Mode or squad up with friends to win Clan prizes. 


There’s super fast-paced action in 100 player battle royale battleground, 5v5 team deathmatch, and in sniper vs. sniper battle with complementary 3D graphics and sound which give you the ultimate gaming experience. If that hasn’t already got you hooked up, there’s more. COD: Mobile also provides excellent customization. 


The players get to unlock and earn dozens of characters, weapons, gear, and outfits to customize their load-outs, which they can take into battle in Battle Royale and PvP multiplayer modes like Frontline, Domination, Free For All and more. Lastly, there are zombies!


Ludo King

It’s fair to say that among the various cons of this quarantine, there are some apparent pros to it too. One of them is the chance we got to spend some quality time with our families and friends. A chance to revisit the good old days, to laugh at distant memories together, and what better way to do so than playing one of the classic board games we played then Ludo! 


No worries if you can’t find the Ludo board anywhere in your house, download the Ludo King app on your smartphones. It’s a replica of the original game with some significant upgrades.


Let’s take a look at those upgrades: It can be played online with friends, and you can also invite them through Facebook, it enables you to chat and share emoticons during a game with other players. You can even create a room that can be joined by three other members using a room code. Moreover, to keep its essence intact, the manufacturers went as far as adding a Snakes and Ladders mode in the app. 



Uno is another excellent game to rekindle decades-old childhood memories and to make a few new ones in the process. Every time we fight over these silly pieces of paper, we hold on to the moment only to remember it years later and laugh over it. Currently, when many of us are away from our friends and families, playing Uno online might be exactly what we need to feel a bit “at home.” 


The online version is not much different from the real Uno except where you tap a button on the screen to declare Uno rather than yelling it. You can choose one among multiple playing modes provided in the app according to your liking. These modes come with exciting features. For instance, one lets you team up with another player. 


One allows you to set your own rules. Another enables you to take part in global tournaments, and much more. You get to connect with friends worldwide, send voice messages during a match, and even join games as a spectator.



If you are a trivia lover, then QuizUp is just what you’re looking for. It’s the mother of the trivia games in the world in which quizzes on thousands of topics to choose from undergo weekly updation. You’ll discover something new every day. You can play online against random opponents or your friends over quiz topics like general knowledge, Harry Potter, celebrities, movies, songs, maths, sports, and a whole bunch of exciting stuff. 


Moreover, you’ll have a chance to post about your interests, meet people who share the same interests as you, worldwide, and even customize your trivia quiz. What’s more, it has new online tournaments every day where you can build your global ranking and earn titles for every topic. It’s entertaining, challenging, and a perfect brain teaser, which is an excellent blend of fun and learning.