Top 5 Digital Marketing trends in 2020

Digital marketing trends

Digital Marketing is among the finest techniques used worldwide to reach millions of people. It is an impeccable technology that has helped many businesses to reach their customers. With the changing technology, digital marketing trends are also altered, in order to provide a better algorithm to reach a wider audience.

On the other hand, many technologies and applications are being introduced in order to make digital marketing more flexible.

Let’s see what’s new in digital marketing in 2020!

1. Chatbots

Online chatbots is an AI-based technology that acts like a virtual person communicating with the customers online using instant messaging in real-time. Chatbots interact with humans through a chat window, allowing a 24-hour service to the visitors. Some advanced applications also allow verbal communications. Chat are becoming one of the most demanding digital marketing trends and dominating customer care services.

Online Chatbots allow businesses to increase the response rate as they interact with customers day and night. This technology gives an instant response to visitors without a break.

2. Interactive Content

People can interact easily if you try the best techniques. With the help of 360-degree videos, Virtual Reality, quizzes, polls etc, a brand can interact with its customers. Polls and quizzes are really fun and help users understand more about a brand. Creating such content breaks the regular pattern and serves a fresh new concept on the plate. Using different ways of interaction not only helps to educate buyers or customers about a range of products, but it also tells a story about your brand. Videos are a great help for customers who do not prefer reading.

Let’s take an example. If a student is looking for a Digital Marketing Course, he will explore many websites. Brands should know what they are offering so the student can choose them. In such cases, short introductory videos are very helpful.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat etc plays a vital role in digital marketing. These platforms allow posting almost all types of videos resulting in reaching a wider audience. 80% of marketers say, using interactive content has increased their website traffic.

3. Social Media Stories

Did you know that 70% of the young population spends a big chunk of their time scrolling social media posts? In 2020, most people have mobile phones stuffed with almost all the popular social media platforms. Social media has always been among the top trends in digital marketing. After Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and even Twitter also came up with the story concept for their platforms.

Social media stories provide a better way for brand and product marketing. Sponsored posts along with sponsored stories reach millions of people on these social media platforms. Stories on some platforms give a 30-seconds time duration where brands can either post videos in chunks or graphics. A small interesting 30-seconds ad can engage the audience and increase visitors.

4. Bidding in Google Ads

With the changing technology, Google Ads is also providing better options to its users. Smart bidding is also popular as auction-time bidding. It is about Google Ads, utilizing machine learning in order to optimize the bids conversation. Smart bidding could be a big game-changer in digital marketing.

Very soon, automation, as well as smart bidding, will make their place in the digital marketing trends. As a brand owner, one should be aware of all the policies of smart bidding. However, this is a very new and appealing concept that might interest the digital marketing enthusiasts. Its features and the fresh concept has made it to our list of the top trends in digital marketing.

5. Good Content

Content is the king, the heart, and the soul of a business. Good content is like a wizard that can change everything. In order to interact with visitors and users, good content plays a very important role in digital marketing. If we talk about digital marketing trends, appealing content will always be there. Content can attract an audience and customers to your website. No matter how good your graphics are, the right kind of content is vital to enhance the importance of your brand and products.

Appealing content lures high traffic, allowing visitors to explore your product, business, and policies. Good content not only tells a story about the brand but also helps in google ranking. Targeting a specific set of keywords can do wonders to your online and offline businesses. Understanding how people do research and adopting different ways of writing can bring a major change to a brand.


The top 5 digital marketing trends, mentioned above might be a game-changer for the digital marketing industry. The best use of amazing graphics, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, 360-degree videos ,Social media stories and posts, smart bidding, as well as great content. All these technologies, when used properly, have the capability to change the view of people and the way they see digital marketing. On the other hand, a few of these technologies can be very helpful for social media marketing as well.

In order to grow, we need to look forward to the numerous way to reach out to maximum people. With the intentions of budding your brand and serving clients, these technologies can elevate your business.