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Top 5 Best Trucker GPS With Dash Cam – 2020

SIXGO GPS Navigation for Car 9 Inch

With so many GPS devices, it can be difficult to know which is better for you. It can easily look the same. For this reason, we have the best one GPS devices list that is for truck drivers, because as you already know, GPS is an indispensable tool for every truck driver.

Remember that when you buy a GPS, you invest in your career. This means that if you wish that you know exactly what you get before buying one of the GPS. Since this is a comprehensive tool for every trucker, you should not miss the opportunity to find the best GPS. In this case, it can be said with certainty that you will get what you pay for. We all know the way the cheap GPS leads. You want your GPS to be able to locate various comfort areas and places of rest so that you can easily plan your trip and save time. A good truck GPS should keep you informed about traffic situations and notify you of bridges release so you can stay safe. In addition, you should be able to use this device conveniently with your ELD as a tool to track your operating hours.

If you are in search of the first GPS system for your truck, an unreliable GPS system, we’ve removed the frustration and confusion of searching for the top of five GPS trucks in 2018. With these devices you can do your job quickly, efficiently, safely and definitely worthy Your investment.

Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S, Advanced Navigation

Top 5 Best Trucker GPS With Dash Cam - 2020 7

To be on our honorable notice list as one of the best GPS systems for truck drivers, the system must go much further to prove itself to professional drivers, especially long-distance drivers. This perfectly describes Garmin RV 770.

The 6.95-inch clear screen is fast and easy to read while driving. We are glad that you can adapt the navigation to your download size so that you can stay with your heavy load on easy-to-drive roads. . If the RV 770 says it will not guide you through steep tunnels and slopes, it is dangerous: it finds easy and intuitive ways that put you at risk and takes you wherever you go.

This performance has an unfortunate defect that keeps GPS out of the way: it is closely related to the chosen route and often cannot recalculate a better path if it veers off course. You also need a phone to get traffic information that can consume a lot of data.

TomTom Go 52 with WiFi, Lifetime Maps And Traffic

Top 5 Best Trucker GPS With Dash Cam - 2020 8

TomTom Go 52 is a complete alternative to all the navigation functions you currently use on your smartphone. Yes, it can receive accurate map information via WiFi, forecast traffic and arrival times, and direct you to anywhere in Canada, USA, and Mexico. But it can also receive text messages, make hands-free calls and work hands-free via Siri or Google Now. it is known as Best Trucker GPS With Dash Cam.

The phone calls are clear and we are a big fan of installing the dashboard that stayed in place. The touch screen is bright, responsive, and easy to read. It is especially useful for moving to rural addresses on smaller, unpaved roads.

What holds Go 52 behind is updated on the Wi-Fi card. Unfortunately, this is a slow and difficult course of course. We would also have liked the screen to be a little bit bigger.

SIXGO GPS Navigation for Car 9 Inch 

Top 5 Best Trucker GPS With Dash Cam - 2020 9

Nine inches is so much bigger than most other global GPS systems we’ve tested that we were prepared for a 9-inch touch screen GPS from SIXGO to be a hoax or fake. We are glad we were wrong!

This large, clear, and tactile GPS truck operates just as stated and provides customizable tracks on maps stored on a high-capacity hard drive. It displays speed, weight and height restrictions for safer driving and can navigate using addresses, streets, zip codes, or coordinates. It can also give you clear notices about road services.

We found this for two reasons. Firstly, some smartphone functions are attempted to be modified, but all bad services are reproduced. Hands-free calling was a better use of space than e-books and games. Second, it’s a lesser-known product than an unknown company,

TruckWay GPS – Pro Series Model 720 

Free lifetime maps for the US, Canada, and Mexico. Good product for the price. It’s light, easy to use, and not always reliable. Difficult to update. The screen is not HD quality. Not connected to wifi, it is a good tool if you are looking for minimum. It has a clear touch screen and elegant design, and works better than TomTom. Most truck GPS devices have an electronic recording system that records charger travel time and rest times. Fleet managers can use this information to warn drivers when they need to take a break to avoid getting tired.

Garmin dēzlCam 785 LMT-S GPS

The newly launched Garmin dezlCam 785 was developed specifically for the professional driver for large platforms. Garmin is not only equipped with navigation functions but also has a built-in camera with which you can record and save your tracks. 785 is equipped with many functions and is a valuable tool for truck drivers. Delcam 785’s many navigation tools contain maps with detailed notifications and warnings on major roads. Basic information can be bridge height, sharp curves, and sharp curves. The driver only needs to enter the size, weight, length, and width of the car and trailer, and the type of transported load. The unit then provides truck drivers with the best routes available based on the size and weight of the truck. If the dimensions of the trailers differ, you only need to change the settings with the press of a button.

If you need directions, dezlCAM 785 provides oral instructions through powerful speakers. The sound level ensures the directions are clearly heard and understood despite the street noise. Drivers also get step-by-step visual instructions on a 7-inch color display. On every road, truck drivers from Garmin make it easy to find ATMs, grocery stores, fuel, accommodations, showers and seating areas. The device is also useful when you need to find parking space overnight. In the event of an unexpected accident, the Garmin Truck and Trailer Service Directory contains over 30,000 repair locations throughout North America. Truckers can also see a quick look when petrol stations remain open after hours.

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