Top 10 Awesome Bicycle Parts and Where to Buy Them?


Gone are the days when having a simple bicycle was enough. Now you can modify your bikes and install amazing add-ons to enhance your bicycles’ beauty and performance. Youngsters are obsessed with these latest bicycle parts. That is what makes a bicycle parts business promising.

You cannot buy bicycle parts in bulk from online wholesale marketplaces unless you know which parts are in demand. Whether you are a bicycle rider who wants to modify his bicycle or a wholesaler for bicycle parts, you need to know the best bicycle parts available in the market.

Here we shall discuss which parts are best and where you can get them. so, without further ado, let’s jump in…

The following list includes the top ten bicycle parts that you should purchase:

1. Bike Bell

Crane’s hand-painted Bike Bell is the new obsession of bike riders. Why? Well, to understand that, you will have to listen to the sublime sound of this bike bell.

It comes with a sharp tone and a quieter ring that you can choose by the touch intensity. You can buy this Crane hand-painted bike bell from

2. Brake and Gear Shifters

Most of the bicycles have the shifters integrated into the brakes. That is to create the comfort of shifting gears without moving your hands from the brakes.

Shimano STI (Shimano Total Integration) shifters are one of the best in the market. You can buy these brakes and gear shifters from

3. Skirt Guard

Skirt guards are a great way to be able to wear a cocktail dress while riding your bicycle. It keeps the clothing from getting stuck into the back wheel.

FrillRide skirt guard is one of the best guards in the market. It allows you to wear a skirt, long coat and any other party dress on your bicycle. You can buy the FrillRide skirt guard from

4. Front Derailleur

The front derailleur or front mech is designed to move the chain left or right to change rings. You can get two types of front derailleurs from the market.

  • Band mounting is and clamps around the seat tube of the frame. You can get two band sizes in-band mounting front derailleur, 31.8mm or 34.9mm.
  • Braze-on Mounting front derailleur is mounted directly onto a small tab on the frame, made for this purpose.

The best front derailleur is Shimona Ultegra and Shimona Dura-Ace. You can easily buy them from

5. Saddle Cover

This bicycle component is especially for those who are bored from riding on the same saddle. The stylish saddle by Leh is a handcrafted saddle cover to provide comfort and fashion to the customers.

These saddle covers can cost you anywhere from $120 to $700. You can purchase Leh saddle covers from the official website of Leh.

6. Barrel Bag

Barrel bags are another amazing bicycle part that is worth buying. A saddlebag is to carry tools, tubes, and other spare things.

But if you plan to carry more, then you should consider installing a barrel bag on your bicycle. You can buy the best quality barrel bag from Walnut Studios for $132.

7. Colnagold

You should go to Colnagold if you want to bring your bicycle out. This one bicycle accessory has a history. It is most suitable for those who love their bicycles and are ready to spend an insane amount of money to have a golden bike.

For many years Colnagold was not for sale, but luckily now you can get a great looking bicycle by having 24-carat gold plated bicycle parts. You can get this shiny bicycle part from Vintage Luxury Bicycles.

8. Chain Guard

A chainguard is a rather must-have component for your bicycle. There are many chain guards with amazing designs available in the market.

VeloColor Keesmaat chain guard is one of the best that you can get for your bicycle. You can get this chain guard from the official website of Velo Color.

9. Rear Cassette

Cassette denotes the collection of sprockets on the rear wheel. They are available in a very wide range in the market. Most road bike cassettes have 11,12 or 13 teeth on the smallest sprocket and from 21 to 32 teeth on the largest.

You can add a rear cassette to your bicycle if your rear derailleur can support it. You can buy the SRAM XG rear cassette from Amazon.

10. Bottom Bracket

The bottom brackets’ function is to connect the chainset to the bicycle while allowing the chainset to move freely.

Some of the most common bottom brackets include conventionally threaded, BB30, EVO T47, BB30A, PF86/92, and PF30. You can buy the bottom bracket of your choice from Amazon and Etsy.

Final Thoughts

Like every other essential item, bicycles have also evolved with time. Now you can add a bunch of add-on components to your bicycle to enhance its style and functionality. We hope that the list mentioned above will help you in selecting the best bicycle parts.

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