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Tips to use social media marketing for retail business


In these tough times when everyone is social distancing, retail businesses have to find a way for their survival and growth. Social media can offer you an end number of opportunities to spread brand awareness and can drive great sales for your business. 

Whereas, social media can be a huge challenge for those who wear multiple hats throughout the day particularly those who run retail businesses.

Social media builds a communication bridge between you and your customers. It brings your audience closer to your brand. On these platforms, you can target and contact your audience directly. So it is very important to build a smart marketing strategy for your business. 

Let’s have a look at some of the social media marketing tips for retail business:

#1 Make a commitment to social media

When your brand is on any of the social media platforms, consistency matters. You need to keep posting content at least once in a day to keep up with your social presence otherwise your audience might forget your existence. Posting too much is also not a great idea you might end up creating a nuisance for your followers. So, you should always have a particular plan for posting content on your social media platforms. One must post at least 4-5 times a day on Twitter, and at least once on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

#2 Share who you are 

People like content that is engaging and relatable to them. It is important to show your audience about your brand and what makes your brand different from others. Whatever your objective is your brand must not be a faceless organization, you must first build trust to maintain transparency with your audience.

#3 Have Follow Buttons on your website 

When you have social media follow buttons on your website it allows you to get the most followers possible by leveraging not just social platforms but also leveraging the traffic from your website. Nowadays if you have a look at any good website, you’ll notice that they have social icons which allows visitors to directly land on to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any of the social platform just in one click. 

#4 Curate UGC from social media and display on website

One of the most easy, but important things that retail brands must incorporate in their marketing strategy is embedding user-generated content on their website. This helps in humanizing, and UGC acts as social proof for your brand. When people look at the amazing pictures, videos, and reviews posted on social media by your existing customers, they are more likely to develop trust for your brand. Also, when your customers like it when they see themselves featured on the website, this shows that your brand take care of their customers and value their opinions too. 

For displaying social media content on your website you can always use a social media aggregator tool that collect content from your different social media platforms and helps you in creating a customizable feed. These tools also allow you to track the performance of your social feeds. Taggbox is one such user-friendly tool, that you can use to display content from different social platforms.

#5 Video content

It has been proven that video content has more power in attracting people rather than textual content. People find video content interesting fascinating. By creating aesthetical and high-quality video content you can grab the attention of your audience. 

#6 Interactive content 

Another tip for social media marketing for a retail business is creating interactive content. Creating an unforgettable experience for your users can really help, for this involvement of your audiences is important. You can run hashtag campaigns,  innovative Q&A sessions, quizzes and polls, selfie games, etc. Your brand’s customers must feel that they are an integral part of your brand

#7 Influencer marketing

These days people connect and follow influencers more than celebrities. The number of influencers on social media platforms is increasing exponentially. You can attract more audience to your brand by collaborating with influencers, as they are more likely to be trusted. You don’t always have to spend hefty amounts on influencers there are micro-influencers who are willing to collaborate with brands. So, using influencer marketing can be one of the many ways to grab the attention of your potential customers to use your product and services.

#8 Use social shopping as much as possible

You might have noticed that some of the brands are totally nailing on social platforms by creating shoppable feeds and encouraging purchases directly from Instagram. Even your brand can create a wonderful shopping experience for your followers. Displaying a clear call to action button on your Instagram or Facebook page is a wonderful idea, this makes it convenient for your followers to directly redirect on your website page and make a purchase. 


If you have not yet incorporated the above tips into your social media marketing strategy then start doing it now. All the above tips mentioned will definitely help you in growing social presence for your business and ultimately will help in increasing sales and building a customer base for your retail business.