Tips to Choose Best Commercial Pizza Oven


An excellent way to make pizzas delicious is to bake it perfectly from all sides without losing its moisture. Therefore, if you are starting your Pizzeria, the first equipment you must invest your time and money on is a commercial electric pizza oven or wood-fired pizza oven. Depending upon your establishment space and type of food offering, you may have to change your considerations for the best outdoor pizza oven, such as choosing between large commercial electric ones and hole-in-the-wall pizza oven for indoor cooking. Here are several tips that will help you choose the best commercial pizza oven for your pizzeria.

Consider the Production Quantity

Your production quantity would increase after a couple of months once you start operating in full swing. Production is classified into three types: low, medium, and high.Tips to Choose Best Commercial Pizza Oven 3

  • Low Pizza Production – this falls under a low pizza production café or restaurant or a home. In this case, you must invest in commercial pizza ovens or a home pizza oven.
  • Medium Pizza Production – For medium pizza production, say 4- 6 pizzas, you may like to consider pizza deck ovens or brick ovens. 
  • High Pizza Production – this is the best pizza oven if you are more likely a company that sells pizza bases or processed pizzas for sale. 

Consider the Restaurant Space

Convection ovens are the perfect selection for small-sized restaurants with crowded space. You can also modify the oven by elevating the height and narrowing down the width. You can also go for the wood fire pizza ovens to cater to household baking needs or small stores. Wood Fire Pizza Ovens’ pizza tastes more delicious and better than the electric ones. With these smaller, portable ones, you can prepare up to 3 pizzas at a time.

Consider Your Budget

Depending on the size, space, digital automatization, and any other special customization, a good quality pizza oven should be at least $400. It would be best if you also considered the maintenance charge as well as any extra installation expenses. You can reduce the replacement and maintenance price by cleaning the fan and the equipment’s insides every week.

Consider Your Pizza Type

You or your chef can bake a pizza in 1000 various styles. Most shops sell classic ones. Nonetheless, if you are catering to different pizza crusts, toppings, and taste, the type of oven should matter to you. This is because certain ovens prove to be better on specific types of pizza.

Fire control

Fire control in an outdoor pizza oven was the tipping point of human evolution. Taming fire allowed humans to stay warm, cook food, keep predators away, and increase human activities. It is in our DNA, and there is something in its smell, color, and sound that makes you feel better and safer.


A wood-fired pizza oven can reach a temperature as high as 1 000°C even though you will not require so much heat to cook. These appliances require a few hours to heat up, but once they are hot, they retain heat for a long time. There are also wood-burning ovens with steel domes that reach cooking temperature faster. You can cook anything in a wood-fired oven by slightly changing recipes.

Smoky flavor

Cooking with wood gives food that smoky flavor that is impossible to recreate in standard ovens like an electric pizza oven. The flavor changes based on the type of wood chosen. Some of the best options include beech and oak, but olive or juniper is excellent, especially for roasts.

Neapolitan pizza

This could be the main reason why most people buy a wood-fired pizza oven outdoors. A reliable Neapolitan pizza must meet several requirements like the dough that must be made with “tipo 0 or 00” wheat flour, salt, yeast, much water (70% hydration). Afterward, hand-kneaded and left to rise for 8 hours before baking it for 90 seconds at 450°C (800°F) in a wood-burning oven. 

Display cooking

Nothing beats a wood-burning pizza oven in the backyard when it comes to putting on a cooking show in front of your guests. You can turn your outdoor space in the theatre, socializing venue, and restaurant all at once.

A long lifespan

A wood-fired outdoor grill and pizza oven is a worthy investment for the long run provided that you keep it in tip-top shape with frequent cleaning and maintenance.


Wood-burning ovens are a low-carbon alternative to an oven that uses fossil fuels. They use renewable and cheap fuel, and burning wood does not add to the carbon footprint.