Tips On How To Reduce Eye Strain When Working With Computers


Technology has advanced over the last decade at a rapid pace. In fact, reports suggest that most people use a computer or similar digital device for several hours a day. Often, people will use their phones or tablets for long durations. While it might be a part of modern life, staring at a screen can also increase eye strain and cause some serious damage to your vision. When ordering prescription glasses online, it can be helpful to think about selecting a model that reduces your risk of strain. Consider these tips to learn how to keep your eyes healthy.

Blinking Is Key

Blinking is a vital process of the body, but most people don’t understand much about this unconscious action. According to researchers, the eye is faster than most of the body and it is possible to blink up to five times per second. Every time you blink, your eyelids cover the surface of the eye with a mixture of oils and substance meant to keep them moist and healthy. It also protects the eyes from damaging light, dust, and other irritants. To keep your eyes protected while using digital devices, remember to blink as often as possible.

Take Frequent Breaks

Staring at a digital screen for long stretches of time is unhealthy for a number of reasons. From device addiction causing neural issues to people sitting in inactive positions for longer than is normal, the best way to keep yourself safe from screens is by taking frequent breaks. By moving away from your phone or computer for at least fifteen minutes every hour, you can limit the impact that these devices have on your eyes and other systems. This might be difficult, of course, as people have a hard time separating from their phones.

Invest in Better Eyewear

You can use your decision to purchase new prescription glasses online as a way of encouraging better eye health. In recent years, “blue light” glasses have become quite popular. These glasses are tinted in a way that filters out the harmful blue light of digital devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, and more. By taking this extra step when selecting the right glasses for your needs, you can enhance the protection of your eyes and reduce the odds of damage caused by prolonged exposure to light.

Play With the Settings

In some cases, a screen might be causing harm to your eyes or damaging your sense of wellness because of the monitor or display settings. On most modern phones, the device is set to compensate for brightness unless the user switches this feature off. This means that your device is deciding the level of brightness that your eyes take in. Since a computer cannot know your actual needs, it is best to switch to manual controls on all of your digital devices. Adjust the settings for every new environment you enter and it can help reduce strain.

Consider computer glasses.

For the greatest comfort at your computer, you might benefit from having your eye doctor modify your eyeglasses prescription to create customized computer glasses. This is especially true if you normally wear contact lenses, which may become dry and uncomfortable during extended screen time.

Computer glasses also are a good choice if you wear bifocals or progressive lenses, because these lenses generally are not optimal for the distance to your computer screen.

Also, you may want to consider photochromic lenses or lightly tinted lenses for computer eyewear to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. Ask your eye doctor for details and advice.

Consider Ambient Lighting

The device that you are using is not the only light source that you should be concerned with when it comes to protecting your eyes. All of the light present in a space will play into how your eyes react. When a room is dark, the eye is stimulated by whatever light it sees. Though watching a movie in the dark is nice, you should always keep some lights on when looking at a single screen. This will help balance the amount of light that is coming into your eyes at any moment.

Reducing eye strain is key when it comes to protecting yourself and encouraging a healthier way of living. Take time to learn about the best prescription glasses online and see which brands are suited for offering extra protection. Once you’ve found the right fit, order from Marvel Optics and keep your eyes shielded from harm.

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