Things You Must Know Before Buying a Wheelchair Ramp

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A wheelchair ramp is a specialized ramp made for uses like a wheelchair, grocery carts, baby walkers, etc. Their advent in the market has made lives for both the wheelchair and the family easier. They are available in a wide range of designs and materials.  EZ Access is famous for providing some of the best wheelchair ramps. You can take full advantage of them. You need o take care of many things like person requirements, location, mobility device, and many more.  What are you waiting for? Go and explore the best wheelchair ramp that fits your requirements.


 However, there are many things that you should know before you buy a wheelchair ramp. Still, having any doubt? Don’t worry, you do not need to worry about searching for those as we have already mentioned many of them below.


Check Out The Things That You Must Know!

Well, if you are planning to buy a wheelchair ramp, you must consider some of the things that can help you in picking the best. Here we have curated the list that you should know about EZ Access ramps before buying a wheelchair ramp!!




There are many materials used to make a wheelchair ramp. You should think carefully about the type of material you want the wheelchair ramp to be made of. This is an important factor as it will influence the durability and use of the product. You should think about the usage and its location. The aluminium wheelchair ramp is suitable for both residential and commercial properties. It also has the added advantage of not getting rust and slippery. 


You should keep these things in mind. These things will help you to select the best wheelchair ramp with durability and longevity


Incline and Width


The incline and width of a wheelchair ramp are important things to think about. The incline of the ramp should not be too high or too low. It should be perfect in proportion to the height against which it has to be placed. The width of the ramp should be such that it fulfills the purpose of the ramp. It should also be enough distance that it provides appropriate balance for the user. This is important as it will help with its ideal use and avoid accidents.




The weight of the ramp should not be too heavy or too light. If you are looking for a ramp for only wheelchair purposes, you should keep the weight of the wheelchair and the user, the weight of the helper in mind. This will help you in determining the perfect weight for your wheelchair ramp. The ramp should be able to handle the weight of its users adequately without breaking or causing accidents. You can also ask your dealers for ideal weight capacity and the natural weight of the ramp.




If you are constantly moving, a portable wheelchair ramp is the best idea. You should look for a light-weight, strong, and durable portable wheelchair ramp. They can be easily folded and taken anywhere. This also helps the user to roam freely without worrying about additional things like the presence of ramps in public places. A portable wheelchair ramp is also easy to install. If you want to ensure maximum movability, choose a portable wheelchair ramp.




The height, width, and incline of the wheelchair ramp are important as it ensures proper levelling with the top portion of the ramp. Proper levelling of the wheelchair ramp is important to avoid accidents. The ground level and the height of the stairs or the ramp should be in perfect proportion to each other. This will ensure a smooth and easy transition from the ground to the top of the ramp. A person using a wheelchair will also be able to use the ramp himself if the level is of optimum measure.




Well, the list ends here! You should know these important things beforehand so that can you buy the perfect wheelchair ramp for you. EZ Access ramps can be used for many other purposes like moving a grocery cart or a baby stroller if required. It will also help in increasing the mobility of a wheelchair user. If you are looking for building access, portable ramps are the best! Moreover, check the latest trends going on in the market. This will provide them immense benefits both psychologically and physically. So, a wheelchair ramp should be bought after thinking about these important things carefully. If you are still having any doubt, message us in the comment box!