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Things to Remember For Amateur Horse Riders

Horse Riding

Holidays give you new experiences and a break from your daily routines. Many people prefer adventures rather than just relaxing. One such experience in Italy is horse jumping holidays that might give you a lifetime opportunity to try and learn something new.

It is very natural to feel nervous about horse riding for the first time. An expert or a trained professional could be of help as they would make you feel confident and comfortable and also give you a few tips for better riding.

As one lesson may not be enough for you to learn, it is best to go on a horse jumping holiday. Also, it is important to know certain things for an amateur before going for horse riding classes in Italy that could help you learn faster and make it memorable.

Fitness– Horse riding involves a lot of hard work. Once you get on the saddle and start moving you use certain muscles of your body that you rarely use and it can be sore the next day. So, if you are not physically active regularly it is recommended to start on some cardio and strength exercises to make you flexible before you begin your horse jumping holidays.

Learn about Horse Behaviour– Understanding the horse behaviour solves most of the nervousness we can have around them. Spending time with horses can help you do this. If possible, you could visit a stable and spend some time with horses before taking your horse riding trip. This could help you be more comfortable around horses.

Proper Horse Riding Dress– You cannot wear shorts and skirts while riding as it may not be very comfortable. Long pants and any closed shoes might be perfect for horse riding. If you have low heel boots, it would be the best shoes to wear. You should avoid any accessories like scarves, purses, etc. that can get tangled in the saddle or reins. Another necessity is a helmet to keep you safe at all times.

Say Hello to the Horse– It is important to make the horse feel familiar to you before you ride. You should remember that are living creatures and might be scared to have a new person around. To greet the horse you can offer your hand to smell, this might make the horse comfortable.

Confidence– Horses can feel if you are nervous and that might make it uneasy. So, you need to be confident when going up and come down the horse. If you have any trouble you can always ask for help from the trainers present there but make sure you do not put any pressure on the horse that could hurt it.

Sit straight and Relax– You must sit straight and hold the reins gently on the horse to maintain your balance so that the horse does not feel like carrying something heavy. Always remember that you have come on a horse jumping holiday to relax and there is no need to worry.

Be Gentle with the Reins– Remember to be gentle with the reins otherwise it could hurt the horse. You just have to pull lightly when you want to turn or stop the horse. You should the technique for the use of reins from the trainer to have a better experience.

Keep Your Eyes on the Trail– It is necessary to keep your eyes on the trail you are following and not on the horse to avoid accidents. It is said that you should look on the trail through the horse’s ears and sit straight to have a safe ride.

Stay Connected with Your Horse– You should be in rhythm with your horse and let it move at its own pace without resisting. If you get tensed, you might bounce and hurt your back.

Do Not Hurry– It is necessary to learn at your own pace. Once you get comfortable with your riding classes you can shift to horse jumping with time and practice.

If you follow these tips and learn to ride well, you can take up horse riding regularly and have an amazing experience every time you decide to take horse jumping holidays. Monterosato Country Club in Italy is one such place where you can have an experience of a lifetime. They provide horse riding classes for amateurs and make your stay comfortable by providing great accommodation and amenities.