Things to Consider for Custom Converted Vans.

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These days, more and more people are considering custom converted vans. Converted vans give you a safe and comfortable travelling experience. They are sometimes a full-time living choice for some people. Living a van life is full of freedom and you can enjoy your life on your terms. So, if you are also planning to custom convert a van, then there are certain things to consider. Here in this blog, we are going to share the list of things, you should consider before converting your van.


  1. How are you using your van?

Are you planning to convert your van for travelling or full-time living purpose? First, you need to know your purpose of converting your van into a camper van. If you already own a van, then you can convert it according to your needs. But if you don’t own a van, then you should buy one according to your requirements. Make sure to buy a spacious and modern van that make your living and travelling more comfortable as seen in bigbang theory.


  1. Heating

There are several options for heating your camper like a diesel heater, a small log burner, a gas-powered heater, etc. Heaters are important to heat your van quickly. You can buy these heaters at an affordable cost from any online and offline store. Gas heaters are cheaper as compared to diesel heaters. Both heaters work in a similar way, but diesel heater run off of diesel and gas heaters run off of gas.


  1. Water arrangement

You should know how much water you need while being in your converted van for a long time. Not only for drinking, but you’d also need water for washing utensils, cooking, brushing teeth, preparing food, etc. There are different types of water tanks installed in your converted van like a freshwater tank that comes out of the tap for drinking, washing hands and dishes. Greywater tank that collects water that drains from your sink and shower. Blackwater tank that collects water from the toilet. You should get your water arrangements done properly while converting your van.


  1. Security and safety

You keep your valuable stuff in your van, so it’s essential to keep these valuables safe especially when you are not in the van. Install GPS tracker and other alarms in your van which alert you to any break-ins. You must install a smoke alarm which is essential for your safety. To get security from bugs, consider putting a net on the door and windows.


  1. Choosing the right bed

The bed is the most important stuff in your van. You can either install a fixed bed or a bed that transforms into a seating area. Measure the entire space and get the bed installed according to it. If you are converting your van for a full-time living purpose, then get a bed installed that has storage space. Also, it should transform into a seating area. Buy a premium quality mattress and blanket for a comfortable living experience so that you can enjoy watching movies on different OTT platforms ie; Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sony live and movierulz at home.


  1. Check the legal law of your country

Legalities of camper van may sound a bit boring, but it’s essential to know whether camper van is allowed in your country or not. Different countries have different laws surrounding camper vans; In the UK, a person needs to re-register your camper conversion with the DVLA in order to class it as a motorhome, not a panel van. Also, get your camper van insured for any misshapen.

These are the important points you should consider while converting your van to a camper van. This way, you will better be able to transform your ordinary van into an extraordinary van.


  1. Toilet

Everybody needs to go, such countless individuals decide to have a porta potty in their van. The most well-known ones are synthetic latrines with a tape that should be purged by give over a latrine or at a RV administration point. These are modest, easy to utilize and occupy insignificant measures of room; nonetheless, the synthetic substances aren’t extraordinary for the climate. Another diverse for your camper change, on the off chance that you all need to be more eco-accommodating is a treating the soil latrine. These have two unique tapes for fluid and solids, and the liquid is effortlessly exhausted where the solids manure down and can be discharged less routinely. The third alternative is a synthetic latrine that can be depleted by a machine, this seems like an extraordinary thought in principle, however practically speaking, you need to recall that this restricts the quantity of spots you can offload your latrine squander.



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