The Top Areas To Buy Home Near Manyata Tech Park

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Bangalore is one of the highly developed cities in India. It is also a place for entrepreneurship, with IT companies employing 35% of India’s population. It is the main reason why the real estate industry is flourishing in giant leaps since there is a massive demand for 2,3,4-BHK apartments for sale. Even though the demand for apartments in Bangalore is there in nearly every area, particularly the lately developing regions, the apartments in the areas surrounding the tech parks are in high demand. One of the most populated tech parks in Bangalore is the Manyata tech park.

The flats near Manyata tech park are in huge demand due to their location, extending across 424 acres. The leading software firms in the city and the size of the working population make the area surrounding this park a sought-after one. The site offers good road and train facilities. It is also very close to the central business districts in Bangalore. It is the reason why this place is an ideal choice for the working population, driving the demand for flats near Manyata tech park.

A good investment in real estate will always give a return on investment twice or thrice the amount invested after a very few years. This means that the apartment or flat that one buys today will yield a worth of triple the money invested in a period of five years. There will be a supply of 2,3,4-BHK apartments and real estate for sale built by various real estate development companies and builders in the areas where there is high demand but average land supply.

There are many commercial real estate sites with increasing social infrastructure growth in the Manyata tech park area. There is a high supply of flats in different places for sale. Out of which, the area near Manyata tech park is at its peak. The reasons for the increased demand in this particular area are mentioned below.

1.   Huge-IT park with industrial development

Manyata tech park is among the most prominent tech parks in Asia. It consists of the largest IT companies, and there are about 1,50,000 workers employed in various companies. This, in turn, has raised the buying power because many people wish to get settled in the region and are looking for apartments and flats near Manyata tech park, with several developers directing the segment.

2.   Promise of peace

One of the best factors that the home buyers and residents in that area look for is peace. It is considered a mandatory feature by home seekers. The flats near Manyata tech park constructed by builders, be it in the low-cost segment or the luxurious segment, promises a lavish and grand lifestyle with top-notch facilities and abundant greeneries to enjoy life. Having a livelihood in these flats would indeed ensure peaceful living. It will also provide a tranquil surrounding in line with nature.

3.   Social infrastructure

The homes, apartments, flats, and houses near Manyata tech park enjoy the social infrastructure benefits such as schools, offices, supermarkets, colleges, supermarkets, and markets in the regions or areas near this tech park. The apartments constructed by various developers in the closeby areas offer a minimum lifestyle intended by the aspiring purchaser. The main reason is that the target group asks for a minimal standard of lifestyle. They require flats that offer several facilities to retain the lifestyle offered.

Other utility centers, such as banks, fire stations, financial institutions, and police service, along with other services like health care, are also available in the area. Apart from the social infrastructure, the transport infrastructure named ‘Namma metro” also strengthens the area’s transport facilities by being consistently operational. This has also boosted the property value of the Manyata tech park area. The analysts say that the growth of the property value and the prospects of this area are the best in Bangalore.

4.   Transportation network

Transportation is considered one of the main reasons for buying apartments in this area. Closeness to several IT companies and the international airport, along with tech parks and easy accessibility to the highway, enables the residents to connect with the rest of the city. The flats near the Manyata tech park area are close to Hebbal, the six-lane roadways and the railway stations. Because of this, the bus services like BMTC connect the area to other significant parts of Bangalore. These buses are available quite frequently, helping the residents travel to other significant parts of the city quickly.

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