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The Most Important Factor of Corporate branding Strategy Implementation

The Most Important Factor of Corporate branding Strategy Implementation 1

The Most Important Factor of Corporate branding Strategy Implementation 2

Almost every organization has a vision of where it wishes to be. This vision is often in the form of a branding strategy document that outlines the goals for the organization. In many cases, this list of goals is accompanied by plans that are designed to accomplish those goals.

The Corporate branding strategy documents are designed to implement an organizational wide change that focuses on increasing the revenues, profits and loyal user base for the organization. The attached action plans are detailed road maps of how these lofty goals would be accomplished. In theory, corporate branding strategy documents are amongst the most complete and detailed documentation generated by the management.

Given all this, it comes as a surprise that the same management that generates such details implementation plans could not translate them into reality. The ratio of successful implementation of corporate branding strategy is so low that many organizations have started to ignore the concept of corporate branding strategy implementation all together.

This development is disturbing in the sense that the whole idea of implementation of any change in an organization depends upon the successful implementation of corporate branding strategy. Any failure in this regard would have serious implications for any future policy level changes in the organization

One of the reasons why many organizations fail to implement the strategy developed by higher management is confusion about the implementation process. The fact that a group of managers is good at policy formulation does not mean that it is also as good at implementation.  The implementation process requires a completely different set of skills that are often not readily available in the organizations.

However, in the opinion of experts, the most crucial factor that decides the success of any implementation exercise the executive support for the entire process. This one factor, above all else, is responsible for the make or break situation of strategy implementation.

Why executive support is essential for the process?

The support of the management is essential for the success of any implementation process. The reason is very simple. Executive support from the highest levels of management of the organizations sends a clear signal that the proposed changes have been reviewed by the senior management and that they understand the implications of the decisions.

A common misunderstanding in this regard happens when the management signs off the implementation documents and hands the process over to the implementation team. The management assumes that since it has approved the strategy, it would be accepted and implemented without any hurdles from the lower ranks. This scenario is misunderstood by the rest of the organization as the implementation team finds out through the hurdles encountered during the process.

The common understanding that the implementation process is distinct from the strategy policy documents is the source of a number of issues encountered during the process. This accumulation of small issues could get worse enough to sink the entire project.

For the implementation, the sign off is taken as the express approval by the higher management. The result is a gap in communication as the team moves ahead with the plan without keeping the management in the loop.

This misunderstanding and lack of communication is at the root of failures in corporate strategic policy implementation.

What management could do to rectify the problem?

For many organizations looking for successful implementation of a corporate branding strategy, the only way to get things done is to avoid the two pitfalls. Only then, could there be any hopes of positive outlook of the changes proposed in the strategy documents.

The easiest way of accomplishing the results is to implement clear lines of communication at all levels. These lines of communications prove in spreading the word about the complete support of the management for the project.

It is essential that an organizational wide information dispersal initiative should be adopted to let all the levels of the organizations know that the strategy and implementation process has full support of the management. This should be a continuous process until the implementation team signs off the project. This continuous reinforcement is essential in generating interest and support for the project across the organization.

Corporate branding strategy implementation is often one of the trickiest projects in any organization. It is important that the management provide the project complete and continuous support.

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