The importance of keywords in SEO

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When someone hires an SEO consultant or agency, they do so thinking that their business is going to improve and looking for a return on the money they are going to invest in web positioning. Now, not everyone gets it and the first thing you tend to think is that SEO is smoke and that it is useless. To prevent this from happening, we must have certain notions of what we can achieve and why we are going to achieve it.

I go straight to the point. What do I mean by having notions of what we can achieve? It is quite obvious that if you hire an agency to carry out the SEO of your project it is because you do not know very well how it can work and because you have heard that who does SEO is doing very well.

What are SEO Keywords and How to Find Them

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There are cases where there is no point in investing in SEO.  I just invented a new product that is the bomb, but nobody knows it exists. If no one knows the product, no matter how good it is, is someone going to Google it? It will be difficult. In this case, you may need to think of a marketing campaign that makes your product known. And when that is the case, if you are the only one who sells it at that time, you will be the first in Google, so you do not need SEO.

Other times it is very profitable to invest in positioning your website well, you  hire an SEO who in a week makes you appear first in Google and shows you. But you see that your business does not improve.  What’s going on? Let’s see it with an example.

You have services as a labor lawyer is fantastic. You appear first when someone searches for  In principle everything seems correct, but there is a small problem. This search is carried out by an average of 110 people per month and it is too generic. However, if the person who manages your SEO had decided to position you for the keyword”, the number of searches per month would multiply by more than 4 and you would be positioned for a keyword much more appropriate to your services and with a   much higher convertibility.

The importance of keywords for your SEO work

What do I want you to see with this example? On the one hand, being the first in Google is of no use if the keywords for which you are going to position yourself are not chosen well. Obviously, the more profitable a word is for you it will also be for your competition, so the more difficult it will be to position yourself, but it will also be much more profitable when you get it.

And on the other, you have to know that there are many people who boast of positioning keywords in the first position of Google. But they are keywords that nobody is looking for. Does that have any merit? Any interest for the company you work for?

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It will seem the dumbest thing in the world, but I know perfectly well that for someone who does not know SEO this is not so obvious. You want to be the best in Google and when they show you that you are, if your business does not improve, you tend to think about many things and look for what happens with your product or service so that it does not sell.

Sometimes it is a question of the quality of your product or service, but other times it is that the people who are looking for you do not find you for what you are really good at and that is why you do not see any benefit in the investment in SEO that you are taking Cape Or, simply, that the words for which you are located in the first position of Google are not searched by anyone.

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