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The best wooden games by age group


Wooden toys for children are toys and games in Canada that many mothers prefer. This is because of the benefits it provides for the child’s growth and cognitive and cognitive development and for its enhancement of fine motor skills in children. So that you will not be confused when buying wooden toys for your children, here we will show you the best wooden toys around the world that suit different age groups of children.

Playing is the most important activity that children of all ages do, as it is the activity that helps them grow, learn, and develop their various skills. Studies have shown that wooden games have many educational benefits as well as other games. It also has unique features, the most important of which are:

Wooden toys are safe, so you will not be afraid of your child hurting himself with a small piece of the toy when broken. Most wooden toys do not break easily. Plus, it is made from safe natural materials.

Wooden toys are long-lasting as they are made of durable wood toys and games that do not break easily, so your children will enjoy them and may leave them for their children and grandchildren as well.


Wooden toys stimulate the child’s imagination, as their beautiful shapes and colors will make your children integrate them with pleasure in their daily play, unleashing their imagination.

Wooden toys stimulate coordination between eyes and hands, thanks to their simple and uncomplicated shapes and easy-to-install pieces. Playing with wooden toys will activate the coordination skill between the eyes and hands of your child.

Wooden toys stimulate fine motor skills in children. Most wooden toys and games are made of pieces that must be assembled and assembled, and this will require the use of his fine motor skills and thus activate and stimulate them in an atmosphere of play and fun.

Vega baby walker
Mothers around the world love this fun and lovely walker for their babies. This toy is perfect for stimulating motor activity in the early days of a baby’s learning to walk. It is also equipped with a fun activity board that will guarantee hours of fun and useful play. Offer your baby this useful toy made from safe and natural materials.

Ever Earth Duck Stacking Puzzle
The puzzle is one of the best wooden games. Your baby will spend the most enjoyable and beneficial times with this lovely toy. This brightly colored and shaped toy will stimulate your baby’s fine motor skills. In addition to the skill of coordination between hands and eyes. It will also be the first educational station for your child to teach him shapes and colors in a fun and entertaining way. toys and games in Canada.

Heeb Sports and Activities Center for Newborns
Your baby will have fun with this cute toy. He will be able to play, have fun, and also learn from a very young age. This safe toy provides wonderful stimulation to your little one’s senses. Thanks to the suspended additives, it stimulates your child’s sight and hearing, as well as his sensory perception. Your baby will have the best of times lying downplaying this safe game.

Sorting shapes game from Plan Toys
Toddler development specialists recommend that children of all ages play this beneficial game. It is a great tool for stimulating eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. In addition, it is a fun educational way to introduce your child to shapes and colors from a young age and in an atmosphere of play and fun.

Your children of all ages will love this lovely game, although it is made for children aged two years and over. However, we guarantee that it will also attract your older and younger children to play with toys and games. This kitchen is characterized by the presence of various appliances and tools, thus simulating your kitchen at home. Your kids will spend hours of useful fun playing with this stylish kitchen.

Wooden Garage game by Jojo Mama Baby
Your kids won’t want to stop playing with this beautiful, brightly colored wooden toy made from safe natural materials. Your kids will give free rein to their imaginations as they represent different situations in the auto repair garage. This game will give your kids hours of useful fun.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Animal Rescue Truck
The kids’ game experts Melissa and Doug created this game when they designed it, and it has what children like the most: cars and animals. Your child will love to play with this beautiful wooden game and spend fun educational time with the different animals that he will have to rescue in the wonderful wooden truck toys and games in Canada.

Vega elephant balance game
This lovely game will give your children a time of fun and learning. When they must place the small pieces in balance on the elephant and take care not to fall, they will learn patience, as well as the skill of problem-solving. This amazing game will stimulate their fine motor skills as well as eye and hand coordination.

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