The Best Budget Laptop You Can Buy In India

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The past few years witnessed a surge in the use and demand for budget laptops in India. The reason for it can be accredited to the increase in the number of users who now depend on this portable device to go digital for various services, such as students availing online courses.

Similarly, with more companies incorporating the work from home regime into their business, the demand for versatile yet budget-friendly convertible laptops have increased significantly.

Nevertheless, before purchasing any electronics, including the best laptop under 40000, individuals should weigh the accompanying features and utility to avail a suitable combination of performance and reliability. One can check out the list below to gain a comprehensive idea about the popular budget laptops in India at present and a combination of specs and utility to look for in them.

Top budget laptops in 2020

These laptops below are among the most sought-after and among the best laptops in 2020. They have been acknowledged as portable notebooks that are not just budget-friendly but also fare well in terms of performance.

  • Lenovo Ideapad S145

This model of Lenovo Ideapad is quite popular among students who wish to purchase a budget-friendly and performance-oriented laptop. It costs approximately Rs.36,490 and accompanies smart features like HD and anti-glare technology, providing picture clarity and enhanced viewing experience.

The laptop comes with preloaded windows 10 OS with lifetime validity. It saves users from the hassles of reloading Windows due to license expiry. It uses Integrated GFX that consumes relatively less power, and in turn, helps to generate less heat and increases the battery life significantly. All these make this Lenovo model one of the best laptops in 2020.

  • New Vostro 3501 Laptop Dell Vostro 3568

The approximate price for this budget-friendly laptop is Rs.37,490, which is also quite famous for its smart features and quality performance. This notebook comes with Windows 10 or Windows Pro, and provides users with a smooth PC experience while working on it.

Its FHD panel provides a bright and clear picture and enhances the user’s viewing experience. Above all, the laptop has a 10th generation Intel i3 processor that keeps the switch quick and smooth. One of the best features of this laptop is that it takes less than an hour to charge the battery from level 0% to 80% and does not tie-down users to their charging ports for a long time.

  • HP 15 (15g-BR105TX)

It is among the best laptops under Rs.40000 in 2020 and is quite popular among gamers. The USP of this product is its 15.6-inch display with HD LED quality. Its widescreen anti-glare display makes it ideal for streaming movies as well as editing videos and pictures. Other than that, the HP true vision HD webcam is equipped with low-light technology that makes it easier to participate in video calls even in sparse light.

This laptop’s 8th generation Intel i5 Core processor makes the transition from Windows to programs fast and smooth. Furthermore, the 8GB RAM and 1 TB HDD capacity provide users with high scope for data storage on their laptops without any slowdown. During a power cut, one can connect this laptop to the Wi-Fi and use it for 4 hours uninterruptedly.

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  • Mi Notebook 14 XMA1901-FC

This notebook is among the most popular budget laptops in 2020, with its approximate cost closing around Rs.43,999. Two of the most prominent features of this laptop are its 14-inch anti-glare HD screen and 178 ͦ wide-viewing angles. Collectively, they enhance picture clarity and improve users’ viewing experience.

The laptop’s Intel Core i5 processor and 10th Gen CPU support more memory storage and make the device fast and suitable for online meets and classes. Also, the 256 GB SSD and 8GB make it easier for users to multitask conveniently. Above all, this laptop comes with a battery capacity of 10 hours as it is powered by 46Wh. It proves useful in minimising the risk of missing out on the usage due to power cuts.

Besides these laptops, individuals can check out other laptops of this brand or models of other popular brands as well to find their best laptops under Rs.40000. Besides picking a budget-friendly laptop, a user should also find out how to increase its shelf-life to make the most of its available features.

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