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The Best 5 Apps to Make Impactful Motion Graphics

The best 5 apps to make impactful Motion Graphics

Creating videos is a fundamental weapon in today’s marketing. Here’s how to take advantage of the Motion Graphic with 5 apps with a secure performance.

Do you know why Motion Graphic is so important in today’s marketing ? Here are a few pills: people prefer to watch videos on TV, books, probably even leaving the house. Not only that, videos are now a large part of the communication flow on the Internet and on social networks. But there’s more: videos are a form of fast , effective communication and require very little intellectual effort from the user.

Is all this enough to start taking advantage of the videos? Read on to find out which Apps to choose for marketing using the Motion Graphic !

Motion Graphic: what is it?

Motion Graphic is an animation technique that has a fundamental task: to easily explain complex subjects. How? Thanks to the use of textual elements combined with visual elements such as symbols and images combined with a good dose of video editing techniques .

Who uses motion graphics? Initially it was a video solution used mainly by professional video creators. To create effect videos, you know, it takes competence and talent. Today, however, thanks to technological evolution, many Motion Graphic apps have been created that are simple to use and within everyone’s reach!

The importance of motion graphics in marketing

Before you figure out what are the best Motion Graphics App to create interactive videos can convert is good to do a little background on what are the main advantages of this new technique of public involvement:

Videos simplify : a video or image speaks more than many words. This is because nothing like visual communication is so close to how our brain uses it to encode incoming information.

When there is a need to explain an abstract or complicated concept, the use of symbols and images comes to us in support. Imagine having to understand how to download a certain PC program. In front of a textual and visual tutorial you will always choose the second one, that is the simplest and most immediate one to understand.

Videos entertain : Another secret of Motion Graphic is the ability to entertain. It is much easier to stand still and watch a video than to read textual content. Why? Because it is a completely passive experience, there is no need to waste energy to keep concentration high.

The videos convert : and here you get a little more into the technician, but if you want to be successful you need to understand. Videos have anextremely high engagment rate . This means that visitors are much more attracted to a video than to a blog article. An example? One in two users interact with a brand after watching a video. Incredible isn’t it?

The 5 best Motion graphic apps

To create videos there are two ways to choose. The first, extremely professional and intended for expert videomakers, leads to complex programs where specific skills are required.

For those who want to try their hand at Motion Graphics without having great previous knowledge, there are many Apps that facilitate the creation of incredible and potentially viral videos. Here are the best apps that will help you increase social engagement !

Biteable : it is certainly a very popular Motion Graphic platform as it currently has around 4 million users. Its use is very simple, you can insert images at will or use pre-established templates.

Biteable is available in a free version (with very limited possibilities) and in a premium version, with packages ranging from 20 to 49 euros per month.

Animaker : this also among the most popular in the online world. There is a free version and 3 paid packages. 720 different animations are available on the platform.

Go! Animate : useful for creating presentations with bows. Inside there are 50 models to choose from with 200 objects, 20 music tracks and 20 backgrounds. Offers a 14 day free trial before upgrading to the Premium version.

Lumen5 : app that allows you to do branding activities on your blog. Operation is very simple. Starting from a link to its own article, the program automatically returns a video to be posted on social networks. Here too there is a free version and an enhanced premium.

Animatron : highly appreciated by both professionals and beginners. Immediate in use and very supplied in terms of templates, backgrounds and effects.