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“Telescopic Spray Wand From Best Car Gurus Review”



Having a hard time cleaning your trailer roof? Want to clean not just your car but your gutters too? Looking for a spray wand that you can comfortably use?

Then, This Telescopic Spray Wand is just the thing for you! Reach high corners and tough spots!

For what reason do you need a Telescopic Spray Wand?

Weight washers are extraordinary instruments, particularly for somebody who has an enormous vehicle, similar to a trailer since it truly accelerates the cleaning procedure. Be that as it may, not simply that, pressure washing can make cleaning your home simpler as well!

In any case, let’s be honest, even with a weight washer, there truly are spots you can’t reach. State, the overhang under your rooftops or a trailer or truck rooftop that is simply excessively high. To arrive at spots like these, you’d need to move a great deal or get up on a stepping stool, which is tiring, dreary and conceivably risky.

Occasions such as these are the point at which you could truly utilize a Telescopic Spray Wand.

It broadens the scope of your weight washer by in excess of 15 feet. Permitting you to arrive at those spots that you couldn’t exactly reach previously.

In addition, you can put diverse shower spouts or cleaners on a splash wand like a canal cleaner or a street cleaner to give you all the more cleaning choices.

Long story short; You’ll need a Telescopic Spray Wand, it just makes pressure washing that a lot simpler. Long Reach: This Telescopic Spray Wand can stretch out up to 18ft and you can even modify it by utilizing only the measure of segments you have to give you incredible exactness!

Bridle Belt: Provides better control and solace during use. Diminishing strain and weight.

Adaptable: It’s perfect with both electric and gas fueled weight washers. It likewise accompanies 5 distinctive shower spouts to give you more choices for extend. Strong: This wand can take 4000 psi no issue! Giving you a blend of intensity and exactness.

Simple Installation: You can without much of a stretch associate it to most weight washer hoses since it utilizes the standard ⅜ Quick Connector. Simply fitting, turn and splash away!

Instructions to Use:

Interface the quantity of wand segments required until the ideal length is reached.

Append any fitting at the spout end of the adaptive wand. Instances of fittings incorporate the splash spouts remembered for the bundle or a drain more clean.

Join the ⅜ snappy connector into the M22 male copper connector.

Join the M22 Male copper connector to your weight washer hose.

Wear the bridle over your garments and secure the shower wand with the saddle belts in the tackle.

When the bridle has been made sure about, turn on your weight washer.

Point adjustable spout at surface you need to clean, move to and fro until wanted outcomes are accomplished.


You can connect distinctive shower spouts or fittings on your adaptive wand to get different various plots for cleaning.

In the event that the outfit isn’t fit for you to wear, you can approach a companion for some assistance in washing to make things simpler!

To upgrade cleaning capacity:

1. Check if your weight washer has cleanser compartments

2. Spot cleanser into the compartments referenced

3. Join splash wand to pressure washer

4. You would now be able to utilize your weight washer with cleanser as you ordinarily would. Alert:

This adjustable wand must be utilized with water up to a temperature of 70° F.


Best to use with powerful weight washers of 2500 psi or higher for best outcomes. This Telescopic Spray Wand broadens your range and gives you more opportunity when you utilize your weight washer. Which is the reason numerous trailer proprietors, property holders and truck drivers pick it! Get solace, force and exactness with this simple to utilize, simple to convey splash wand!

Once your pressure washer is in position and the hoses are attached, select the yellow 15-degree nozzle and connect it to the end of the extension wand. Attach the hose to the wand and turn on the water.

Expand the telescoping wand to the desired length, and insert the end into a stabilizing harness, which will give you greater control when using the wand. Start at the top and work your way down the siding, working in sections, and keeping a steady grip on the wand and gun. Before you know it, your siding will be clean and look like new!

This Telescopic Wand is the thing that you have to get that 100% clean from your weight washer! Get one NOW!

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