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Superb Glasses Hacks That Will Change Your Life


Wearing glasses can be annoying. While these important accessories are responsible for helping you see, it doesn’t change the fact that they come with a lot of upkeep and risks. All it takes is a loose arm on a pair of glasses for your spectacles to go flying off your face and into the unknown. While it might not always be a fun experience, there are plenty of hacks out there to make your life a bit easier. Explore these ideas and find a hack that works for you.


When it comes to wearing glasses, the smaller issues can often lead to the biggest frustrations. Though lenses are designed utilizing “scratch-proof” materials, small scrapes and abrasions can happen. In many cases, these scratches will be undetectable to the naked eye but will impact your ability to see in very small ways. One simple way to improve this issue is by using some toothpaste. Squirt a bit of toothpaste on your finger and rub it into the lenses, swirling your fingertip around to buff out any minor nicks found along the surface.

Color Guide for Selecting Glasses

Many people also have trouble selecting the right pair of glasses. Picking out a style you feel confident in can be difficult, especially considering all people have different face shapes and skin tones. To make your life a bit easier, it can be helpful to look at a color guide for selecting glasses. This type of resource can provide you with the criteria you need to consider when you are looking to invest in eye wear. A big of preparation will land you glasses that look great on you and help bring out the unique and flattering characteristics of your face.

Wiping Away Dirt

Have you ever felt the need to take off your glasses and wipe them down with your shirt? Most people do this when they don’t have a microfiber cloth handy. Unfortunately, this choice might cause further damage and scratches. Instead of making this risky move, look for a coffee filter. These products are thin and usually smooth, meaning you can wipe away any smudges without exacerbating the issue.

A Loose Screw

When a screw becomes loose on your frames, it can be a point of concern. These pieces of hardware are usually very tiny and impossible to find once they fall out of place. Though you might be tempted to use glue on the screw, this can cause damage to the frames that may prove more difficult to repair. One simple trick for keeping the screw from getting loose is coating the top with a clear layer of nail polish. It will act as an adhesive without any causing any lasting problems to the frames.

Fix Crooked Glasses

Use a table as a guide to adjusting your glasses until they sit flatly. Keep tweaking if they are not perfectly symmetrical!

Night-Proof Your Case

Nothing is worse than nearly falling asleep and fumbling to put your glasses in their case. Slap a strip of glow-in-the-dark tape on your case to make your life much easier.

Remove Scratches

All you need is toothpaste! Use a soft cloth to scrub a non-abrasive toothpaste on your lenses in a circular motion for glasses that look brand new! It really is that simple.

Make Showering Easier

Being blind in a slippery place is no fun. Locate your shampoo easier by wrapping a rubber band around it. Now you won’t have to squint and hope you’re reading the right label.

Stop Sliding

Keep your glasses secured on your face with some eyeshadow primer. Dab a little on the bridge of your nose so you don’t have to constantly fuss with them. Boys need to do this, too.

Quick Adjustments

There also may come times when you need to adjust your frames to sit on your face better. The arms of some glasses offer resistance when trying to tweak them, so you need to take the right path to avoid snapping the arms. Use a hairdryer to warm the frames for about 30 seconds. This should make them pliable enough to adjust without breaking them in the process.

From toothpaste to a color guide for selecting glasses, there are many resources you can explore when you want to get more from your eye wear. Find a hack that works for you and see what difference it makes.