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Summer Beauty gifts from around the world

Summer Beauty gifts from around the world

You must have always heard me say it is very important for all of us to maintain a skincare routine and all along when the seasons change it is also important to change cosmetics but it is also another thing that you should change your make up along with the changes in season. You need to change like you know you might have been using more oil or cream that almost moisturizes your face during winters so you might want to change to something lighter for summers. Similar goes with the foundation too. Rest all of your things can remain the same or maybe you would want to have a few changes in eye shadows and plumps your cheeks. And that’s why I am here to sort your problems of which products you need to use for this summer season and also to gift along with online flower delivery in Bangalore so that your skin or that of your loved one does not only grow but also these makeup for the best gift would ever give to anyone in your sorority any friends family members they will always appreciate this is a seasonal gift and the best part is that makeup is something that can be given on any occasion (except on death ceremonies). The most important things that people forget when they are thinking of giving any kind of gift to others is birthday flowers, or flowers for any other occasion. Any flowers could be added that must be kept in mind. Flowers just add more to your gift and that just looks classier to present two things at a time. Now you must remember one of my most important things is that if you want to make an impression on others you can get fresh flowers from any store and then you can wax them to keep them lasting for at least a month. It would be an amazing gift for any of your best friends and family members.  Let’s check them out – 

1) Cherry Blossom 

We all love cherry blossoms around us and especially its trees during the spring season but cherry blossom doesn’t last only for spring season it continues in some areas up to summer. And it is also a great add on flower along with the other flowers which will just and read the look of your flower booking however today we are talking about best summer beauty gifts and this particular gift is a cherry blossom collection by MAC. It’s a petal inspired cherry blossom pink. Since it is a limited edition it has been particularly designed with sakura printed packaging. It also includes cherry blossom-scented preparation plus primer, Lipsticks, Lip-gloss, and an eye shadow palette. And the best part is that even though it’s a limited edition collection you can still shop it. And give it to anyone along with birthday flowers, in particular cherry blossoms, orchids, and roses. And the best part is that this limited edition would cost you between 100 to 150 dollars but it has so many things added I mean even if you were to choose one thing at a time it won’t cost you a lot so this is a great and budget-friendly gift. 

2) Micro Essence 

We all know how much we all love our micro essence especially this product is very popular in Asia and now it is taking over the world because of its popularity and similarity with the skin plus its effect is a great deal in itself. And the best part is that because summers in this one could be used as a perfect gift for anyone of your friends or family members whose birthday is coming along. And of course, it would be a great gift along with happy birthday flowers like roses, orchids, any bulbs of the season. So this essence again is a cherry blossom, especially by Estee Lauder. So it is an add-on step after you have cleansed your face you’re supposed to apply it so that it softens your skin and also prepares it for the serum to absorb properly. 

3) Eye shadow

Well, we already had one eye shadow palette which was particularly in favor of cherry blossom colors now we have some strong summer colors that we all would love to apply on our eyes and not just that they would make your skin look beautiful and is much more bright and beautiful than ever before. This particular eye shadow palette gift is from urban decay and this series is called wired. The best part in this eye shadow palette is that they have an extra eye shadow with the color white and it is called great so if you ever feel that the colors in the eye shadow palette are too dark for you can mix and match it according to your skin tone and with this gift, you wouldn’t even have to worry whom to give and how far would it match with her skin tone. It’s a great ready to go last-minute gift along with cheap online flower delivery in Mumbai, or anywhere else only for $40. 

4) Eye Cream 

Well, I know how much you all love partying and of course, those late-night dinners and then late-night dancing in parties turn into something that keeps on going until 4 or 5 a.m. until you all fain out and you don’t have the energy anymore. That’s when you get up and see those beautiful dark circles and that’s when your rescue comes Guerlain’s Abeille Royale and it’ll be perfect alongside a cake and flower delivery in delhi. It’s amazing for gifts for those friends who are working late nights or have become new mothers or basically it’s a suitable gift for any age starting from 18 years. 


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