Strategies To Improve SMS Opt-In Rates

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SMS is gradually replacing other marketing and promotional means. People and businesses are more comfortable with SMS services and their use. If you succeed in implementing these strategies correctly, you can get the best out of your business. Every business and organization, according to their needs and ease; implement SMS strategies accordingly.

Some businesses fail to get optimal results even after implementing SMS marketing strategies; because they are not choosing the right strategies that are the best fit for their business and services. Businesses and organizations think that SMS has the most open rates, so making it a part of your marketing campaign will bring success. Your success depends on the open rate, but for that, you have to follow some strategies to increase the opt-in rates, ultimately improving your SMS marketing campaign.

In the paragraphs below, we will discuss how you can improve the opt-in rates of your SMS.

Top 8 strategies to improve SMS opt-in rates

The success of an SMS campaign depends upon the number of customers opting in for your services. If there are no opt-in rates, then you are probably doing something wrong with your SMS campaign. Before you implement your SMS marketing activities, you need to develop some strategies to improve opt-in rates.

Below are a few strategies that will help you increase opt-in rates.

1. Add customer consent

When you ask for customers’ will whether they want to receive your message alerts or not, it leaves a positive impact on their minds. Such gestures will make them opt-in and not only for themselves, but they will also prefer it to their friends and family to join your leagues and get instant updates on your services and products.

Many businesses fail to add customer consent and end up losing more customers; hire an SMS marketing agency in Dubai to help you initiate campaigns that will prioritize customer consent to ensure your marketing campaign’s success.

2. Opt-out options

When you give opt-out options to your customers, they don’t fear getting bulk message alerts from your side. It encourages them to opt-in any time because you are giving them an option of opting out if they are no more interested in getting updates.

3. Treat like a VIP

If you treat your customers like VIPs and as someone very important, it will increase opt-in rates. The customers expect something from your side in return for the personal information they share in the form of a phone number.

4. Know the customer

If you wish to increase opt-in rates, then it is crucial to understand your customers. Know their interests and likes; when you find what your customers like, send them updates accordingly. Your customers will not subscribe to offers and updates that are not their interest. Make categories of the customers with similar interests and send them updates accordingly.

5. Website pop-ups

There might be possibilities that your website users are not a part of your SMS marketing campaign. You can increase opt-in rates through website pop-ups and ask them if they would like to share their number to get instant updates and offers. There are higher chances that the website users will share their numbers to opt-in because it takes more time to open a website and check for an update than an SMS alert.

6. Be less promotional

When you become too promotional in your text, the customers will start opting out more than opt-in rates. Be less and less frequent promotional in your messages and keep them engaged without being too promotional. You can send informative SMS alerts and tips to keep them engaged. You will notice an increase in opt-in rates when you become less promotional than being too promotional.

7. Use social medial handles

Use social media handle to inform your social media followers about if they want to opt-in for SMS updates or not. Tell them about the benefits they will get if they opt-in for SMS alerts. Tell your followers about the offers and promotional codes you will share via SMS alert. It will compel them to opt-in for SMS alerts and updates.

8. Review your existing strategies

If you fail to improve opt-in rates, you must review your existing strategies and identify the areas you are doing wrong. Identify the grey areas and work on the improvement of those areas. You might need an expert to conduct such reviews and implement new strategies; hire an SMS marketing agency such as to develop and implement effective strategies for improved opt-in rates.

Higher opt-in rates mean higher profitability

The profit or revenue you will be able to generate through an SMS campaign depends upon your customers’ opt-in rates. If the customers opting in are higher than customers opting out, it means you are progressing and are successfully benefiting from SMS marketing campaigns. The condition for increased profit through SMS campaigns is if you implement it using effective strategies and planning.

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