Spring 2021 Home Cleaning Tips for Every Homeowner


Keeping your home clean is a basic requirement for every homeowner. There is always a lot more than meets the eye at first glance. It is also fact that many homeowners only focus on cleaning things and surfaces that are readily visible. All those hidden places, surfaces and things easily get left alone for many cleaning cycles. Home cleaning tips from the pros never suggest that.

Spring and summer are particular pest seasons. From mosquitoes to ants, wasps to cockroaches, every pest problem seems to intensify during these seasons. You need to ensure proper cleaning that gets rid of any pest infestations or possibility of them. Read through to find out some professional home cleaning tips that will also provide pest safety this spring and summer:

Make Sure to Remove All Water Collection Points

Water collection points like small puddles, tires, cracks in the ground, storage areas and others can harbor mosquitoes. All female mosquitoes need to lay thousands of eggs are your blood and small water puddle. Fresh or dirty water doesn’t really matter. Homeowners, while cleaning their home, must make sure to remove all water collection points around the property.

Go around the house in all outside and inside places and remove any water puddles. Seal up and cracks in the floor or ground that may be able to collect any amount of water. If mosquitoes get a chance to grow, you will surely need professional pest control Burnaby service to help remove them. Avoid this and be sure to remove all water collection points at home and in the property.

Clean in Areas No One Often Visits

Then there are areas that people don’t often visit in their homes. These include store rooms, basements, attics, ceiling spaces, under furniture spaces, under sink areas, under stair areas and more. Likes of these areas specialize into harboring pest life. There can be colonies upon colonies of tiny pesky pests hiding anywhere. From cockroaches to worms and everything else can find shelter in these areas.

Rodents such as mice and rats also flourish in attics and basements. Kitchen storage is also one of their favorite places. 2021 home cleaning tips include clearing out all such hidden spaces. Clear out all residing pests and also make sure to remove all their eggs and/or traces. Termites are also some of the pest types that can be hiding in plain sight. Make sure to look for them.

Clean the Trash Area Well and Keep It Tidy

Trash area usually has waste foods as well. Food wastes attract pests of all kinds. From rodents like mice and rats to fleas and even cockroaches, everything can join for a meal or two. Cleaning the trash area making it neat and fresh is one of the most important home cleaning tips. Make sure to remove all food particles and clear out the whole area nicely.

Also, use waste bins with lids on them that are air tight. Seal in food or waste smell that might attract pests towards them. Food waste and trash areas are responsible for calling out the greatest number of unwanted pests. You will definitely need apna pest control or any other local services in case there is a collection of pests around your trash areas.

Definitely Look Inside the Furniture If There Are Entryways

Furniture items like sofas, couches and even large lounge chairs are notorious for harboring different kinds of pests. Believe it or not, spaces inside furniture items can support cockroaches, ants, worms, wasps and even rats or mice. You need to make sure you are not sitting on top of a pest colony just inside your sofa. If you are, they can easily travel out from there and onto other places.

It only takes a small number of pests to grow quickly into large colonies. Also, it will be a difficult job looking inside your sofa. But, if there is a cavity inside it and an opening to let pests in, you better look too. You will be surprises how often sofas and couches support pests of different kinds. This will be one of the better home cleaning tips if you can get rid of those pests hiding inside that sofa.

Tidy Up the Garden or Backyard

Tidying up the backyard or the front garden is very important. Mosquitoes, bees, cockroaches and many other pests can find their home in these gardens or backyards. If you are moving into a new property, make sure to get a professional visit from any quality pest control services. Make sure to clean your backyard or garden spaces perfectly removing any water puddles or other hiding places for pests.

Get mosquito sprays don’t regularly with other pest sprays as needed. Home cleaning tips are all about safeguarding your home against possible pest infestations. Get rid of any and keep your house clean at all times this spring and summer. This might be the difference between having to spend hundreds of dollars on pest removal and getting peaceful night sleep.

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