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Should Bedding Sets Match The Curtains


Once you have moved to our new place and have renovated the older one, it’s time to decide the color of wall paint, furniture, décor, and other accents, after you choose all this, there comes an essential and most crucial stage which is to dress up your bed and windows. There are a number of bedding sets available in the market, most of the bedding sets consist of pillow shams, bedding cover, a matching duvet, and a comforter. These sets are available in many colors, designs, and sizes, you can opt for any of your favorites color and design. But have you ever thought of matching your bedding sets to the curtains?

Matching curtains and bedding sets look great and are the easiest way to design your bedroom; therefore, this is a worthy option to go for. When you buy your bedding set, complement it with matching curtains to make them the main focus of your room. If you are new to home décor or are confused about fabric materials, color schemes, or designs… continue reading to find the answer of all your confusions and questions.

Should you go for matching curtains and bedding?

It is the very first question that pops up in mind whenever you think about matching curtains and bedding sets. The answer to your question is “yes,” whether you have a small, double, queen, or king-sized bed matching curtains that go well with all of these. So do not overthink and book your matching curtains and bedding sets to decorate your room in a way that everyone falls in love with. Just stay focused on your bedroom’s theme, when you know what you want your room to look like you have a guide automatically. So follow your heart and listen to your mind and do it.

Tips for choosing the complement bedding sets & curtains:

As far as the bedding sets are concerned, the best of the sets is that complements your room & create a unified look. Numerous ways can be adopted to achieve the desired monotonous look. The bedding sets can either be fluffy or flat; if you want a fashionable and bold look, then the flat bedding sets with a flat duvet and comforter are the best choice. The lightweight & unlined curtains along will add a sharp inline to the bed décor with these flat bedding sets. The lightweight curtains do not offer privacy so that you can add blinds for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you want to achieve a soft look, then go for stuffed & fluffy bedding sets. The soft fluffy duvets and thick pillows & cushions will add more to the softness of the room. Along with the fluffy bedding sets, you should go for heavy drapes or lined curtains to complement your bedding set.

Matching tips:

What if you have the yellow curtains, yellow bedding cover, yellow duvets, and yellow pillows? It will look yellow all over, and this will overpower your room and will make it look bad & messy. Although matching shades are kind of perfect matches but do not fill all your space with the same color.

The right approach is to pair up those yellow curtains with yellow pillows, duvet, & throw only go for other colors for the rest of the room. Always keep in mind that different colors intrigue more than the single color, therefore adds two or three colors to balance the yellowish appearance of your room.

Keep your room size in mind:

Another important tip is to keep your room’s dimension in your mind; for instance, if you have a small & narrow room, opt for those bedding & curtain sets that have neutral and lighter shades. They will let more light to come in & will help you to make your place appear larger & broader. Any lighter color that is a part of the interior of your room will go well; professionals also suggest working in patterns & combinations for smaller rooms as they help to intrusive the visual effect & make your place look spacious. For larger & bigger bedrooms, it is suggested to use the darker & warmer tones. But we recommend you to go for a lighter & darker shades combination for larger rooms, as too much dark color will make your place crowded & dull.

Do not go for the same pattern all over:

Varying the pattern is another way to create a pleasing look. Mix different patterns into each other; for example, if you have stripped wall paints, go for the floral curtains and floral plus striped bedding set. You can add a striped bedding cover and throw, whereas for floral touch, go for floral duvet, pillows and curtains.

If you do not want the curtains to be floral only, you can add a stripped blind with the decorative panels to create a mesmerizing look. Let’s tell you an interesting fact; the striped pattern goes well with any print, either its floral, leopard or paisley & looks evenly classic & modern.

A mismatch between colors and patterns is the worst thing that can be done to any decoration. It looks awful & appears quite messy, so try to keep you within your color boundaries to create the right style & provide a pleasing and elegant look.  If you are looking to buy king size bedding then visit here online store of UK.

Create harmony:

If your bedroom looks comfortable & harmonious, it will relax you for sure, So focus on harmony as well. When you are choosing a bedding set, select the print of your choice first of all, then go for color selection, the colors should belong to the same family to create a balanced look. For curtains, go for the same color but in a different shade, try to get plain curtains if you have printed bedding set. And if you want printed or textured curtains, we recommend you to go for layered curtains, add a printed panel as lining and use a sheer curtain of the same curtain as the curtain that will face your room.