Short Guide to Small Inground Pools for Small Backyards


Those who have a small backyard often think that they just can’t have a pool. But having limited space to work with doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. There are a lot of different designs of pools that you can have in a small backyard. Installing a small pool in your backyard will not only bring up the value of your home but it will also add a lot of visual appeal. 

What’s The Best Small Pool Design For A Small Yard?

There are actually quite a few things you can choose from. If you are looking for a very customized pool you can either go with vinyl liner or concrete ones. But if you don’t really care about how it looks and you like the classic shape you can choose the fibreglass pool.

What Is The Best Type Of Pool For Your Small Backyard?

When you are thinking about what type of pool you should install in your backyard, there isn’t really one that stands out as you are working with a really small space. As we have mentioned above if you are interested in having a more custom-made pool that is a different shape than the classic fibreglass mould you could choose concrete or vinyl liner. Something that a lot of people are worried about is how fibreglass pools are installed if they can’t fit around the house as they come in one piece. If that does happen, the company will usually crane the pool over your house without a hassle.

Which Pool Design Will Require The Least Amount Of Maintenance?

A lot of pools think that having a small pool means that it is easier to maintain them than a large one would be. But there are many things that come into play and it’s not that simple. It all depends on what type of pool you chose as well as will you have an automatic cleaner etc… But there is a difference between maintaining concrete pools, vinyl pools and fibreglass ones. Concrete pools are the hardest to take care of, then come to the vinyl liners as they have to be replaced every 8 or so years and then come the fibreglass ones which require minimal maintenance.

Can Small Pools Have The Same Features A Big Pool Can?

Something that every homeowner will ask before they even think about making the final decision is can a small pool have the same things as the big ones. The answer is yes, yes they can. You can add anything that you like from pool lights to automatic covers and heaters as well as an anti slip mat.

The Pros And Cons Of Small Pools

Having a smaller pool doesn’t have to mean that you are sacrificing all the benefits you get from a large pool. But there are some pros and some cons that come with owning a small inground pool. Some of the pros are that you will be able to have a pool and it will be able to have most of the features a large pool would. Small pools are very easy to maintain as you don’t have a large surface that you need to cover. And the best pro when it comes to small pools is that they will save you money in the long run.

But it is not all so amazing when you are an owner of a small inground pool. If you want a pool that you can swim laps in, that just isn’t a possibility that you will have as the pool will be quite small. Another important thing that you need to realise is that as it won’t be large it won’t be very deep, so you won’t be able to practice your diving skills in there.

What Is The Cost Of A Small Pool

The price all depends on the dimensions of your yard. In general, you can expect it to cost way less than a large pool would. But the price will vary depending on what features you want to add as well as what material you choose to go with. Another thing that you need to calculate is the instrument of the pool. Something that you should keep in mind is that having a small pool is more cost-effective in the long run.

Having a small backyard doesn’t have to be a bad thing. They will work just as well as a large backyard will do when it comes to installing a pool. Small pools are all good, which one you will choose solely depends on what your end goal is and what works best for you and your family. Always make sure that you are building a safe pool and that you have all the required licenced before you begin.

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