Seven brilliant ways to advertise Custom lip gloss boxes

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Who does not like to look different yet adorable? Nobody, exactly. As liquid lipsticks make lips flat and boring. So if you’re looking to add a basic light, glittery, and fuller effect to your lips, you must give a try to lip gloss once. In this era, wearing lip gloss is more feasible than it’s been since the 90s. Many brands are emerging and improving their formula, maximizing the sparkle and introducing various shades to get their names established in the market. According to research stats (2014-2019), about 6.7 million people used lip glosses regularly.

As a lip gloss tube comes in a box, it’s important to focus on the packaging along with the product. Making lip gloss boxes interesting and worth notching is a difficult task.

Interesting facts and benefits related to custom lip gloss boxes:

They are economical: you can buy wholesale lip gloss boxes from cardboard manufacturing companies and customize them according to your need.

Customer’s attention: one of the most important benefits is getting maximum customer attention to increase your sales.

Give your brand an identity: using customize boxes with personalized logos is an easy and trendy way to market your brand and give it an identity.

Promote your brand: boxes with your logo can directly promote your brand on a large scale.

Safety: if your customized boxes are made up of premium quality material, they will assure you the safest lip glosses delivery.

Surprisingly about 95% of new lip gloss businesses fail to make their name in the industry every year. The main reason for this mishap is, of course, the low-quality packaging

1. Adding unique patterns:

One of the best ways to pack lip gloss is to add vertical line drawings patterns with tiny details. The drawings must be outstanding. So, provoking that it motivates the onlookers to buy the product inside and customers will get influenced with your packaging. as line pattern is complex yet eye-catching, this unique way can easily attract the customers towards the products. 

2. Using mesmerizing colors:

Different colors influence human behavior and emotion in multiple ways. For example, light colors reduce the seriousness of packaging. Grey and brown make the packaging masculine while pink adds a feminine touch, red draws attention, and according to research, it also represents good luck in China. Black adds natural beauty and elegance. While choosing the right color, you need to keep these things in your mind “should customers be able to connect with these colors? Are they attractive or not?”

You can add colors according to your choice, while the best appealing colors are yellow, white, turquoise, black, and violet as they reflect the energy and are pleasant to the eye.

3. Using customized textual styles: 

Using a combination of different and standout fonts makes the packaging fascinating and glamourous, and you’ll be able to stand apart from your competitors. By choosing to customize fonts that are unique or different from your competitor, you have a better chance of your product being noticed and remembered in the future also.

4. Making lip gloss boxes with a transparent window:

You can make the boxes with a clear window so that buyers have a clear view of the product and increase customer’s interest. It’s one of the useful and trendy ways to get attention towards your product. If they can see through the packaging, they will be happy yet astonished that they are looking at the packed products before purchasing them. 

5. Modest packaging style:

When we talk about simple packaging, it reflects the effective and efficient use of material, and it’s a tool to communicate the company’s value and sales. Simple and modest packaging is attractive to the eye, and if the packaging is simple, it will be saving the material and environmentally sustainable.

6. Adding funky taglines:

A slogan helps to feature an organization’s image to the general population. The main part of a slogan or tagline is to ensure that it is memorable. You can add some funky, catchy, and best makeup taglines and slogans to increase your sales.

7. Add details about yourself:

If the customers like your product, they’ll surely want to buy from you again. And for this purpose, you can add your details. For example, phone number, email address, or shop address so that they can reach out to you in the future and get facilitated by your offers which is directly proportional to your brand’s promotion and positive feedback.


Hence, we can say that advertisement plays an important for a company’s promotion. Whether you are selling high-end cosmetics or an ordinary household item, it is a cost-effective way to communicate with a large audience. If you want to advertise, customize wholesale lip gloss boxes relatively and efficiently, which can also increase your brand’s sales. You can achieve your goal by adding the above minor details to the boxes.

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