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SEO Positioning Services: 5 Red Flags Before Hiring

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If we search Google for “SEO positioning services”, it will give us approximately 2,830,000 results. All these options guarantee that you will be successful in positioning your business, but the reality is that there are few we can trust.

In this article we will show you the points you should pay attention to before acquiring a web positioning service so that with them you can do an analysis to be sure that your money is well invested and will give results.

SEO Positioning Services: 5 Red Flags Before Hiring 3

Since you have decided to hire the SEO services it is important that you spend some time researching some companies, to which we say “do your homework” , we recommend that while you do your internet searches have paper and pen at hand to write down website, name, prices, contact details and leave a space for the 6 red flags.

These indicators should be taken into account because in this industry as in all others there are unethical people, who try to take advantage of ignorance and fill the ear with false promises, but you are in the right place and that will not be your case.

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We will start by investigating the companies that appear in the first search results, this is because if they managed to position their page above 2,830,000 competitors they are worth paying attention to.

You have to be careful when writing down the results 1, 2 and 3 because these positions are granted by Google to advertisers through its Adwords system , there may be two situations with these companies:

The first is that the page is giving results to its customers and they want to expand their brand.

The second is that they are not good at what they say they do and they need to pay to pretend they are good.

Our advice is not to dismiss them entirely but to analyze them calmly.

Those who follow them are those who have done a good job and they are the ones that we should write down, if you want to have optimal results in your search for SEO services it never hurts to consult the second page of searches.

The 5 Red Flags for SEO Services in Lahore

The following points are the supposed guarantees offered by these “companies” and that we will reveal the reason for our mistrust.

1st. We have an expert team in the Google algorithm

First flag, as analyzed in the last article: How it affects the Web Positioning of your Google Company Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, its programmers work tirelessly to improve search results and companies that do not adapt they will end up in oblivion, if you want to know about this great change in search engine # 1 we invite you to read it , so it is impossible to become an expert because when you think you already know the rules they make an improvement that changes everything.

“If someone is saying this, they are simply trying to keep your money.”

2nd. We can add your website to hundreds of search engines

This is a statement that at first sounds very good but that in reality is useless, to begin with, how many search engines are there and if they were actually thousands, people would use them? The reality is that NOBODY uses more than four (Google, Bing, yahoo, ask) and therefore your web page only needs to be added to these four all the others will be just a waste of time.

3rd. We have contact with someone who works at Google

This is just a desperate call to get the job, if they really had that type of connection we doubt that they would put their position at risk by doing clandestine SEO services.

4th We are the only ones with the formula that guarantees web positioning

What years of experience in SEO have left us is the certainty that there is no secret formula, in fact it is not secret and we are going to reveal it to you, it is secret is to have a personalized strategy: constantly carry out the right work From start to finish with search engines and users in mind.

And our favorite

5th. with our SEO positioning service we guarantee you the first place in Google

This is the reddest flag of all because no one can guarantee you will be the # 1 result, this depends on many factors such as the quality of the site, content, demand, and the traffic it generates. It can be hard work but if the site does not offer anything of value its visibility will be zero.