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Schools are Embracing iPad as a Learning Tool


You didn’t think that iPads could be used in a classroom, did you?

C’mon, it’s 2020 and if you still think that iPads and other gadgets can’t be used for educational purposes, you might be wrong. Millennials and Gen-Zers love technology too much that their lives are incomplete without them.

The usage of iPads may vary but why schools are embracing them? And Why iPads specifically?

Schools are using iPads as bait to attract and engage students to learn even more efficiently than before. iPads are lightweight and easy to use compared to other similar gadgets present in the market.

There are great ways for the students and teachers to learn and teach through iPad apps (that we will shortly discuss) and help them communicate regarding their studies and concerns.

Schools are using iPads in different ways, from teaching math to different languages in the most simple way possible.

We all rely on apps for everything, from ordering food to getting a taxi, to find cheap essay writing service UK or UAE or wherever you are.

If you own an iPad you might be using it for entertainment or work-related stuff or maybe watching useful videos on YouTube and learning things but have you thought about learning using an iPad?

Let’s talk about some apps that students use in and out of school to learn which are:

Khan Academy

Khan Academy started way back in 2008 as an educational NPO to provide free education to students around the world. All you need is an internet connection and an iPad or any other smart device. Khan Academy is 100% free and has no gimmicks, no-ads, no spams, nothing!

Khan Academy is one of the biggest educational applications in the whole world. They provide short video-based courses to everyone who can benefit from them. They have no eligibility criteria for anyone to use their app to learn anything.

From courses related to music to rocket science lecture, you will find videos on every subject and almost on every topic on Khan Academy!

Students use Khan Academy usually for crash courses and micro-learning regarding their homework or projects or exams!


Duolingo, the biggest language-learning application in the current market!

Do you want to learn how to read, write or speak another language? Whether it’s Spanish or Japanese Duolingo has your back. With their easy-to-teach techniques, anyone can pick up any language and read, write, and speak it fluently if they put the effort into it.

Duolingo offers its services through almost all of the digital platforms including iOS and Android. For schools, Duolingo has started a special program in which teachers can keep track of their students’ progress and hold tests and exams through the app and save their time with checking as the app generates the results quickly.


While Khan Academy targets mostly the K-12 (Kindergarten to 12th grade) students. Unlike Khan Academy, edX is not by an individual or an entrepreneur, it is built by a group of universities to help the university-level students or anyone who wants university-level course material online.

The whole aspect of edX is very similar to khan academy, but the content they provide to their students is totally different. For instance, if you can’t find a certain topic that is too advanced and not available on Khan Academy, chances are you will find it on edX.

The usage of edX is not different but the target users of edX are different if compared to Khan Academy. edX is also used for crash courses and micro-learning and in-depth learning as well.


“Math superpowers for every student!”

There are two types of people, ones are great at math and the others who are not. The Photomath app is a very useful app for anyone who struggles with anything from multiplication to quadratic.

Widely known as a camera calculator, with Photomath app, you can scan using your iPad or your phone and solve it and understand all the procedures. Photomath doesn’t only solve math problems but also makes learning math fun. From calculus to mathematical physics, Photomath has solutions and methods to simplify the problems and make learning complex problems fun and easy.

Just like Duolingo, Photomath also has a program for schools and provides class learning features for them. Teachers and students can learn simultaneously using the Photomath app. Photomath app also allows teachers to keep track of their students and have results and statistics based on their performance and results on the app.

Google Classroom

Instant. Paperless. Easy!

Unlike all the other apps in this list that focus on teaching something. Google Classroom is on a different page.

Google Classroom focuses on the communication between students and teachers within the school as well as out of it. With the help of Google Classroom, teachers and students stay in touch and students can get guidance help or assistance directly from teachers.

Google classroom is also a great way for remote learning as teachers can assign students their write my dissertation for me uk  homework or exercises from anywhere conveniently regardless of how far the students or teachers are.

Besides these fancy learning apps, iPads can help teach students by gamification as well. With math and strategy games that are not just fun to play but also help sharpen the mind of students and gamification learning attracts younger students a lot and helps them understand subjects easily.

As we talked about some great apps that are being used in and out of schools on iPads to help students study more efficiently. iPads have a more secure and easily interactive operating system which helps the students easily navigate and learn without getting malicious programs.

Who’s the Author?

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