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Rustic Living Room Décor Ideas – For More Cosier Living

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Stepping into a traditional or rustic room will be like visiting a countryside house. Filled with woodsy colours and barn styles – you can’t help but appreciate the beauty and elegance. Structures like cabin houses, farmhouses, lake houses, etc. are often constructed with this rustic theme.

However, due to the demand of the modern world jobs and businesses, you may have to look for a home in urban areas, where the rustic theme seems out of place. You may also have purchased a home in the city, but you can’t help but miss the countryside vibes.

If you’re one of those persons who like to have a fusion of modern and vintage style – then you must arrange the home décor in a way that reflects both the styles. And as the living room is the place where you live the most – we started the topic with living room décor ideas.

Decorating the living room is one of the hard things to do. It should be comfortable and must match all the preferences of family members. All your family must feel happy and serene to spend time together in the living room.


So, if you’re thinking to redecorate the living room with a rustic theme – then we’re sure you will find amazing ideas below:

Rustic living room décor ideas:

  • Wooden beams

Constructing wooden beams around the room gives the rustic theme that you would like to have in a modern home. Whenever you’re decorating in vintage style or any other one – it’s essential to imagine the room and visualise it before you can proceed with the plan. Wooden beams are best suited to the living room with a fireplace as it elevates the rustic look even more. For an even more rustic feel, you can add barn chairs and stools to complete the look.

  • The fusion of metal and wood

If you have anurban home and want to give it a rustic feel, then a fusion of metal and wood furniture would set the look. For instance, on metallic shelves, wooden furniture or décor would look great. Similarly, wooden chairs with metallic handles also give you the rustic feel in a room. In this theme, you have to think about how to blend metal and wood in whatever you choose to have in the living room.

  • Neutral shade wood tones

People think that only dark shades come under wooden colours. However, neutral shades with dark wood patterns also give you a rustic tone. You can follow this pattern on the walls, beams, and also for the furniture. To bring a dark contrast, you can install a rug that brings cohesion to wooden walls and furniture. You can read here about what to consider when choosing a rug for the living room.

  • A blend of modern and rustic

This theme is similar to metal and rustic theme but in the place of metal, you can choose anything related to modern style. For instance, modern themes such as ceramic, steel, glass can be mixed with wooden bars to give your home a nice fusion. For the living room, you can choose the sofas, chairs, tables, wall décor having the blend of both modern and rustic theme. This is better for the people who prefer both rustic and modern themes in their homes.

  • Stone walls and décor

Another great way to achieve a rustic theme is by constructing your walls using stones. By stones, we mean artificial stones or the wallpaper that gives the stone look. It is not only the most effective but gives your living room a cosy feel. This theme, adorned with a fireplace, cushioned chairs, and sofas, is sure to bring your living the rustic feel you want to have.

  • White-washed bricks and walls

Bricks, when white-washed, appear to be countryside bricks. And when you decorate the living room walls with these bricks, they provide a perfect base to hang any kind rustic décor. For instance, you can hang ancient clocks, antique pieces, and other items to bring out the rustic feel in your living room. Also, like in any other theme, a living room adorned with a fireplace can have the highest rustic feel than the rooms that have not.

  • Country-style chandeliers and décor

In any living room, whether it’s small or big, choosing the décor makes all the difference. So, if you want a country-style living room, then choose décor related to it. For instance, choose wooden or barn chairs, antique clocks, vintage chandeliers, wooden tables, and wall décor made with jute or barn material. See that every item you select is complementing the room and other furniture. It may take time to choose each thing but the result will be worth everything.

  • Walls with warm textures

Flooring and walls make the primary difference in whatever look you want to achieve. In what way you are painting determines whether the room will be in modern or rustic. For rustic, go for warm textures on the walls like zig-zag patterns or stripes. To get a visual feel, you can go to showrooms to see a virtual image, or else ask professional home designers to get an expert and correct advice.

  • Painting with dark or wood colours

If the living room is small and there’s not much space in adding wallpapers or constructing wooden beams, etc. then the best option is painting. When you paint the walls in wooden colours (dark and semi-dark) and choose furniture and décor matching the wall paint, you can easily achieve a rustic theme that you desire.

  • Lighting plays a key role

You can change the lighting effect in the living room just by making subtle changes in bulbs and lamps you use. Search online for various ideas of lighting bulbs and lamps used in country style, and try to incorporate the same in your living room. It’s one of the perfect ways to decorate your room in a rustic theme.

Make Your Living Room Cosier

When the living room is cosy and warm, you and your family tend to spend more time together. You can bond at a deeper level with every one of them. If the rustic theme gives that cosy feeling for you, then don’t hesitate to redecorate your room, even if it costs you more bucks. For cosier living, make minor to major adjustments in your room so that your home truly feels like a haven.

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Hi, I am Mike Morleye, a professional writer and blogger. With my writing, I try to make a change in people’s opinions by giving quality, constructive, and well-researched articles. My speciality is writing on diverse topics, from home improvement to hair styling and automotive.

Hi, I am Mike Morleye, a professional writer and blogger. With my writing, I try to make a change in people’s opinions by giving quality, constructive, and well-researched articles. My specialty is writing on diverse topics, from home improvement to hair styling and automotive.