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RFID solutions in Pakistan – RFID technology

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We develop and deliver effective business RFID solutions in Pakistan.

The advertising industry today is radically different from what we used to call advertising 3-5 years ago. Traditional channels of communication with the audience (TV, radio, outdoor advertising, POSM, etc.) are rapidly giving way to progressive digital communications, primarily the Internet. The growing level of competition between manufacturers of goods and services forces advertisers to constantly improve communication channels and the mechanics of influencing the audience.

RFID Advertising Solutions in pakistan
RFID technology allows you to build an effective communication channel for advertising goods and services. Each RFID-tag, which marks a unit of goods, contains a microchip on which information up to 128 Kb can be recorded. The buyer of the product can read this information from the tag with his smartphone that supports NFC technology. RFID solutions in Pakistan, This opens up new opportunities for the advertising market:

– delivering extended information about the product to the buyer – information read from the RFID tag is displayed on the smartphone in text and graphic form;
– holding promotions that stimulate demand or increase loyalty to certain positions or groups of goods – you can write links to unique content on the RFID tag;
– holding lotteries, sweepstakes, contests – a unique code can be written on each RFID tag, which is not repeated on other tags. This code cannot be faked.

Whoever is the first to master and introduce a new and effective communication channel to the advertising market will collect the best portfolio of customers and ensure that they fulfill their plans for the sale of goods and services.

Storage and transportation costs form a significant part of the cost of goods for any manufacturer or retailer, and they are the main ones for the logistics business. Optimizing the use of transport and warehouse logistics, increasing the economic efficiency of transportation and storage is one of the key tasks not only for manufacturing and retail enterprises, but also for distribution logistics centers, cargo terminals, transport companies, toll roads, and even government agencies.

RFID solutions for optimization of transport, warehouse, and industrial logistics
Solutions based on RFID technology allow you to automate almost all operations in logistics business processes during the transportation and storage of goods:

– control of vehicle access at the entrance/exit and in various zones/sectors on the territory of the enterprise or warehouse complex, including automatic, using barriers/gates with readers;
– control of the route and time of movement, loading, and unloading, downtime, direct (type and composition of cargo by tags) and indirect (automatic weighing of a car with a tag, according to the log of its movements around the facility) control of the correctness of shipments and prevention of abuse by personnel;
– online control of the dispatcher over the observance of the road transport schedule and the implementation of transportation/delivery plans, informing about the passage of checkpoints, searching for a car, monitoring technological chains in the services of car dealers, monitoring the workload and organization of traffic in parking lots, in wholesale and distribution centers, etc. ;
– collection of statistical data for analysis and optimization of transportation and deliveries, management of vehicle flows during loading/unloading, etc .;
– quick search for goods onboard transport and in warehouses;
– control over the integrity of the package / container / body – “smart” seals.

With our Micron RFID solutions, you will eliminate inefficiencies in transport and storage space, capacity constraints, human error, and more. Your company will not only significantly increase financial efficiency, but also get real prerequisites for global growth and leadership in your industry/region, you will be the first to be able to offer your customers fundamentally better logistics services at competitive prices.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT – RFID solutions in Pakistan
PJSC Mikron successfully implements solutions to ensure payment of travel by passengers on all types of public transport. The fleet of transport equipment and/or the entrances to the aprons are equipped with special validators with RFID readers, to which passengers bring pre-purchased tickets. RFID solutions and tickets supplied by PJSC Micron have been successfully used for many years in various types of transport:

– Moscow city ticket system (Metro + ground transport);
– land transport in a number of Russian cities;
– JSC Central Suburban Passenger Company (railways);
– high-speed trains Aeroexpress LLC, REKS. 
– tickets produced by PJSC “Micron” have been successfully tested abroad. For example, in public transport in Istanbul (metro, trams, and buses), in the New York subway.

RFID solutions in Pakistan easily solve pressing issues and meet the needs of all participants in the passenger transportation process
For passengers:

– improving the quality of the provision of transport services by reducing the time for passengers to enter transport;
– a single transparent mechanism for confirming the right to benefits.

For carriers:
– an increase in the collection of payments for travel on public transport due to the elimination of counterfeits and the “human factor”;

– the possibility of insuring the risks of loss of income;
– Possibility of flexible tariff policy – different ticket values.

For local authorities:

– large-scale involvement of commercial transport enterprises in the transportation of privileged categories of passengers, precise determination of the amount of budget subsidies for these purposes;
– accurate determination of the volume of passenger traffic on public transport.

The example of the city of Moscow showed that the introduction of an automated fare collection system based on contactless tickets increased revenue collection by 1.6 times. At the same time, public polls showed a multiple increase in satisfaction with the quality of transport services, which definitely increases the social loyalty of the population.

Modern enterprises of animal husbandry and meat processing industry have to solve a lot of specific tasks in order to ensure stable business growth and at the same time comply with industry norms. Here are just a few challenges that radically affect the efficiency of such enterprises:

– Difficulty tracking and controlling the movement of livestock;
– Accuracy and regularity of monitoring the nutrition and activity of animals;
– The duration and complexity of the process of fixing various activities (sampling, analysis, vaccination, collection and transmission of information to government agencies);
– The difficulty of collecting statistics on the state of animals;
– Inefficiency of the system of personal identification of animals;
– Accounting for the consumption of feed and related materials;
– The human factor bordering on a conflict of interest.

Practically all these issues will be helped by the introduction of a system for identification and registration of farm animals, feed and finished products based on RFID tags. Your company will receive the following features and benefits:

– the emergence of a database with information about the life cycle of the animal at all stages;
– control and management of movement and nutrition of each livestock unit;
– control over the fodder base – accounting for consumption and distribution, dosing;
– electronic passports for each animal or unit of finished products;
– improvement of the control system over the quality of finished products;
– increasing the loyalty of buyers of finished products due to the placement of information about the product on the RFID tag (name, production date, expiration date, composition, storage conditions, marketing information, etc.). The buyer can read the information on the RFID tag using his smartphone right in the store, the tag cannot be faked – this will certify the authenticity of your product on the store shelf;
– RFID system for marking animals and finished products can be easily supplemented with a subsystem of BAR or QR codes.

RFID-marking of animals, feed and finished products will allow your enterprise to automate up to 100% of technological and business processes and protect them from the influence of the human factor. As a result, the efficiency of your enterprise will increase significantly, you can compete more successfully.

Automation of accounting for the movement of books and archival documents is almost the most key issue for participants in the book business, libraries and archives. What is just one inventory! And with a shift schedule of staff, inventory can be relevant up to several times a week. In libraries, the most important thing is to ensure that the books and materials handed out to the readers are kept in record, as well as the quick identification of books at reception and on shelves. In archival affairs, it is sometimes most important to ensure not only accounting, but also access control / opening of certain cases with the appropriate stamps. All these tasks are successfully solved by systems based on RFID technology.

Solutions based on RFID technology will allow your business or enterprise to optimize the time and financial costs for the implementation of mandatory, but routine business processes. At the same time, you will reduce the time for servicing customers and visitors, this will increase the quality of service and the level of customer loyalty:

– quick search for the required book or folder;
– group reading of tags – fast and accurate inventory, including tracking the movement of books and folders in the premises of the institution;
– automatic control over the issue and return of books / documents;
– anti-theft system with preventive alarm;
– informing about the opening of a particular folder in real time thanks to the emitter;
– protection against counterfeit products;
– recording on the RFID tag any reference information about the book / document.

With RFID-based solutions, your publisher, bookstore, library or archive is guaranteed to be more efficient and secure, and will not be overlooked by consumers.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has long been actively used by organizers of mass cultural events around the world. Meanwhile, in Russia, for the protection of entrance tickets, this practice is rather an exception to the rule. Currently, not only the issues of unauthorized access to certain territories, automation and acceleration of the passage of visitors, but also security issues related to the identification and control of the movement of participants in various events and visitors to certain objects (stadiums, hotels, museums, theaters, cinemas, etc.) etc.).

The implementation of RFID solutions in terms of access control allows us to solve most of the problems with ensuring security, the speed of passage of visitors and fake tickets:

– Using turnstiles with a built-in reader, RFID ticket verification can be completely assigned to the equipment. In this case, the protection can only keep order;
– The time for visitors to the event is reduced, the information written on the ticket chip is read in a split second at the entrance control and opens the turnstile for passage;
– Ticket counterfeiting is excluded;
– There is an opportunity to identify each visitor;
– If necessary, you can track the movements of each visitor;
– The level of service rises as an access key (visitor card, ticket, etc.) with an RFID module can be used to provide additional services on the site or hold an event;
– Costs for the maintenance of access control systems and service personnel are reduced;
– RFID modules can be embedded in almost any form factor of a ticket, card, access key.

Our company has successfully proved itself in the production of electronic fan passports for the 2017 Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup. Both the organizers and all guests and visitors of the events were satisfied with the quality and ease of use of the RFID-based solution. Mikron has also established itself as a quality supplier in the production of RFID tickets for the UEFA Champions League matches,

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