Recommendation for the best bow sight for target shooting

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In times the hunting profession has turned into a game. Nowadays target shooting is a very popular game using bows. It was included in the World Olympic because of its popularity. The professionals are doing well in this field. The bow sight is one of the major elements that plays important role in their career. It helps to make their target more precise. So always they search for the best bow sight for target shooting. This article will describe a to z about target shooting bow sight.

The necessity of bow sight 

A bow sight is not a permanent part of a bow. But it is very important for it because of its incomparable service. Generally, it is used for fixing the aiming line with more accuracy to hit a target. Without any doubt, perfect aiming and hitting a target point is the most important factor in this game. So bow sight is very important for target shooting.

Bow sights for target shooting

It is easy for a man to fix an aiming line to hit a target point only with his eyes and bow. Moreover, it is easier for him to fix an aiming line to hit a target point with the help of a bow sight. Target shooting is a professional game and the professionals do not want to lose in his career. So high quality and powerful bow sights are being used in the game. The manufacturers are also producing updated and special featured bow sights for the game for the convenience of the professional gamers. These are more efficient than the other bows sights. The best bow sight for target shooting gives the best result and a better career.

Types of the bow sights

Generally, all kinds of bow sights are used in this game. Its type depends on the gamer’s choice, need, and skill. The most used are single pin bow sights, multi-pin bow sights, digital bow sights, combined bow sights. All of these give almost similar service but these are different from their rendering features.

Single pin bow sights

This type of bow sight has only one pin installed in its sight bracket. There may be a scale drawn on the bracket for the convenience of angle measurement. It is generally used for short-range shooting. Because it cannot give a good result for shooting ranging above 40 yards. In a long-range, it may give deviations from the perfect aiming line. As a result, it may miss the target point which causes loose in the target shooting game. It is only preferable for short-range indoor shooting.

Multi-pin bow sights

In this type there are multiple pins are installed parallel inside the round bracket of the bow sight. The number of pins ranges from two to five in a single row. Generally, most of the bow sights have three pins or five pins. Two pins and four pins sights are less used. In an odd number of pins, it is very easy to fix the aiming line through the middle pin and it is very convenient. The other pins help greatly to adjust and fix the aiming line on the top of the middle pin. The demand for five pins bow sight in target shooting is higher than any other bow sights used in the game.

Digital bow sights

In fully digital bow sights there is no pin available for fixing the aiming line for the target point. There is fiberglass used as an indicating platform for fixing the aiming line. There is a green or red dot on the fiberglass that indicates the point through which the aiming line goes. There is a digital display that shows setting and measurement data. It needs manual set up and calibration before starting shooting. For perfect accuracy, it needs a perfect setup.

Combined bow sights

This type of shooting bow sights are made of a combination of both pins and digital display. The display is used for measurement showing and the pins are used for fixing the aiming line. Sometimes a LED light is set within the sight bracket for lighting facility in case of low light. The demand for this type of bow sight in the shooting industry is increasing day by day.

Special features

Nowadays special features with more efficiency are being added to target shooting bow sights. Adjustability is one of them. With the feature, the pin and bracket can be adjusted to a convenient angle and position. LED light indicators make it easy to find the target point. A small light is also added to the top of the pin for better detection and focus.

Best bow sight for target shooting

Target shooting may take place either indoor or outdoor. Single pin bow sight is not preferable for long-range outdoor shooting. It is only suitable for short-range target shooting. Multi-pin sights are suitable for both short-range and long-range shooting whether it takes place indoors or outdoor. On the other hand, digital bow sights need manual set up and it has a possibility for error due to its automation process. So multi-pin bow sights are the best for all kinds of target shooting game. Because it is suitable for indoor and outdoor target shooting games for short-range and long-range.


Trophy ridge reacts one pro, HHA sports optimizer lite, and HHA sports optimizer lite ultra are the three best single pin bow sight that is designed for target shooting. On the other hand, Trophy ridge reacts h5, Black gold widow maker, IQ bow sights IQ pro XT are the best three 5 pins target shooting bow sights in the market. IQ bow sight micro multi-pin sight is the bow sight that is designed for 3 pins, 5 pins, and also even for 7 pins.


Any type of bow sight can be the best bow sight for target shooting if the shooter is skilled. Aiming accuracy and perfection mostly depend on his skill and accuracy level. So to be more accurate and successful it is needed to practice more and more regularly.