Reasons Why Your Internet Connection Is Slower at Night

Reasons Why Your Internet Connection Is Slower at Night 1

If there is one thing that we cannot tolerate in today’s era, it is a slow internet connection. It is something that gets to our nerves and increases our frustration. Imagine attending an important meeting on Skype and suddenly your internet starts lagging. We are more likely to confront this issue at night during rush hour. We experience an internet slowdown because of the increase in traffic at night when more people are online. Though there are certain internet packages like Cox internet plans and prices that offer a higher degree of reliability and affordability, generally speaking, the internet lag at night is a common problem faced by cable or satellite internet users alike. Let us have a look at some of the main reasons involved.

Internet Rush Hours

One of the main reasons for slower internet at night is usually congestion. People get free from their work and start using the internet simultaneously. This eventually leads to congestion and a slower internet connection.

Weather Changes

In case you use a satellite connection, your internet speed is more likely to be affected by weather conditions. These weather conditions can cause signal interference and ultimately result in lagging internet speeds.

Relocating the Wi-Fi Router

It is important to set the wireless router in the right place. This means you should be careful about its placement to enhance its signal strength. It is better if you locateit at a centric position and there are no metallic objects around, which might hinder the signal transmission.

Updating your Router

Often the number of devices ona router’s band increases. The more the devices connected to your router, the more the chances of slower speeds. If you feel that your current router is unable to cope with the multiple devices, then it is about time that you get yourself a new router with a better capacity.

Ways to Fix Your Internet Speed at Night

Here are some effective tips to enhance your internet speed at night. So, before you finally decide to switch to a better internet provider, you must try them out:

Upgrading your Internet Plan

If you experience frequent internet slowdown issues then it might be the right time to upgrade your plan. There is a possibility that your current internet plan may not be providing you the speed that is idealto support your household connectivity needs. There is also a possibility that your current internet is being throttled by the provider during peak hours regularly. You should also choose the internet type according to your usage. For mediocre speeds, you can opt for DSL or satellite internet but for higher speeds, you should consider subscribing to cable or fiber internet plans.

Replace any Damaged Equipment

It is important to check if all your equipment is up to date and working properly. Sometimes connectivity issues may arise due to a faulty modem or cable that fails to support faster speed signals. Therefore, keep an eye on the compatibility and efficiency of your equipment and make sure that it is up to the mark.

Beware of Viruses

There is also a possibility that your devices are being infected by malicious software or virus that is causing the network slowdown. So,if you have checked the aforementioned possibilities and find no issues there, then it is advised to run an antivirus scan on your device and detect any suspicious malware. All your devices must have reliable antivirus software installed to keep them protected and to avoid any data loss.

Contacting the Provider

If you feel that there is no problem regarding your equipment, then there might be an issue at your provider’s end. For that, you must contact the customer service team of your ISP. You should discuss the connectivity problemsyou’re facing at night and ask for a solution. There could be some technical issue, so your provider might send a technician or at least help you figure out the exact problem.

Use of Wi-Fi Boosters

You can try using a Wi-Fi booster as it helps to extend the range of your Wi-Fi and provide better signal strength at a good distance. It helps getting rid of the dead zones in your house too.

The Bottom Line

Slowing internet speeds at night are usually the result of congestion but if the issue comes up frequently, then you must check for the aforementioned possibilities and consider the given remedies to help you out. However, if the lagging speed persists, then you might need to either upgrade your internet plan to a higher speed and data limit or switch to a more reliable and faster internet service provider to get rid of the problem altogether.

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