Reasons To Migrate Existing SharePoint Intranet to SharePoint Online

<strong>Reasons To Migrate Existing SharePoint Intranet to SharePoint Online</strong> 1

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a cloud service that includes SharePoint Online as its core Application. This helps the business grow by providing better communication and collaboration amongst the users. Many businesses are already using it and have taken the leverage of the advantages received from SharePoint online. Businesses can easily migrate from SharePoint on-premises servers to SharePoint online through the SharePoint Migration services

Benefits Business get from using SharePoint Online

Improved OneDrive for Business

With the OneDrive access provided in SharePoint Online, businesses can store all their business files and data on the cloud storage application. Microsoft provides businesses a platform to put all the active work files as well as let the other users collaborate and share the files between the employees through OneDrive Business. Users can also set permissions to the files so that only the needful users can access the file or folder. With the feature know as Sync client, businesses can sync all their files between SharePoint Online and OneDrive. With the new mobile companion app, users can track the analytics of their OneDrive and also access files on the go.

Get exclusive features not available SharePoint On-Premises

With Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online comes with many other automation applications such as Microsoft Flow, Delve, PowerApps, and Graph. These applications are not available in the SharePoint On-premises package. So, businesses who need these applications in their workflow can easily migrate all their Office 365 Data to The Microsoft 365 Service using the sharepoint on premise to sharepoint online migration.

Businesses Pay For What They Need

With a monthly subscription fee, businesses can easily add or remove users when needed. This means that if an employee leaves the company, the business can just reassign the license or even cancel it if not needed. The same scalability policy can be applied to the Data Storage provided in the Office 365 ecosystem. Businesses pay only for the storage they utilize. If they need more storage, they can easily scale it up with just a few clicks. The pricing structure is flexible. Businesses can choose the plan according to their business needs. The plans generally come with a monthly or an annual recurring fee.

Security and compliance improvements

SharePoint Online has been integrated with multiple layers of security to prevent any security breach and protect the business data. Some of those security measures are:

  • Backups: All the data is back up on the Microsoft data centers which are deployed with multiple layers of security measures and redundancies.
  • Data Encryption: Microsoft uses BitLocker to encrypt all the data and also the traffic on it is SSL secured.
  • Physical Security: With many secret data centers around the globe, there is physical security deployed on them such as motion sensors, 24/7 video surveillance, armed guards, and biometric access.
  • Identity Protection: Office 365 requires strong passwords. Businesses can turn on Multifactor authentication too.

As you see, these are the reasons why businesses should migrate to SharePoint Online. It does not only improve security but also helps improve the overall productivity of the businesses. Apps4Rent expertise in migration services and is used by many businesses to securely migrate their data. They also provide other services such as Cloud Desktop Service with reliable end-user support.

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