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Rakhi Gift Ideas To Give Your Sibling On Raksha Bandhan

Quirky & Thoughtful DIY Rakhi Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Sister

As soon as the lockdown ends, Raksha Bandhan will be here. Right now as we all sit back and relax, soon you will realize that there is no left to look out for ideal rakhi gifts. Wait, you are planning to give your partner in crime something on this rakhi day, right? Boy, if you are even thinking of celebrating rakhi without a gift, I tell you to abort that plan right away. I mean that the soul has been at your side in all your lies and crazy ideas, so a gift on rakhi is what they surely deserve as a gesture of appreciation because rakhi is all about celebrating sibling bonds. It is actually the best time when you can pamper your sibling with a range of exciting gifts that convey your love, respect, and care for them, without saying it in words if you find it difficult like me.  

Gift Ideas To Give Your Sibling On Raksha Bandhan

Since we all are stuck at hour houses, which seems like a blessing considering the hot weather outside, we have ample time to invest in important things. These important things involve shortlisting a rakhi online gift. When it comes to rakhi gifts, most people reach out for items like sweets, cakes, chocolates, flowers which are not at all a bad idea. But if you wish to move away from the ordinary, then I can suggest some different cool gift ideas. Since your sibling is not ordinary, why buy gifts that are ordinary. This year, be different and take a greener approach towards gifts. I mean, buy fresh and air-purifying plants that will be a useful gift as well help the earth too. Plants as you know are an important part of our ecosystem and we often forget to pay attention to them. But not this time, because I’m here to promote the concept of green gifting on this Raksha Bandhan. Have a look at the list of plants that make for an ideal gift. 

Money plant

This plant is an excellent pick if you want to give your sibling great wealth and prosperity as it is known to attract both these fortunes. If they love growing beautiful houseplants but don’t like to put in much effort, then money plants are for them. This plant will give them fresh air to breathe in even when staying indoors. This way, when you send a rakhi gift online to your brother, you will be contributing towards the environment. Since it is a rakhi gift, it should give out the rakhi vibe, so pick up a pot that says “best bro” or anything to show your love. 

Anthurium plant

Sisters who are looking for an eco-friendly gift for rakhi, then you can count on this flowering plant that will give out beautiful blooms ultimately. Though this plant is an ideal gift for any occasion, since we are planning you to give it in a pot that calls out your brother “no.1 brother’ will be a great gift for rakhi day. It is an easy to care plant that gives red blooms. The pot will further grace up the plant and will be a beautiful attraction for your house. This gift perfectly shows how much you love him and idealize him. 

Syngonium golden plant

The next plant to celebrate the auspicious festival of rakhi in a greener way is the Syngonium golden plant. Now, what do i say about this plant, it is loaded with benefits for us. The plant has an exotic green color and you can plant it indoors. This plant cleanses the air and eliminates the volatile organic compounds like toluene, benzene, and formaldehyde. Yes, these compounds are there in your air. Now, get this plant in a cool 3D pot that says ‘ world’s best bhai’ along with a rakhi. This pot will become a center of attraction at your bro’s house. 

Bamboo plant

When talking about gifting plants to someone, one simply cannot miss bamboo plants. It is one of the most gifted plants nowadays and they come in cute little sizes. Buy bamboo that he can place easily on his office table. 

So, these are some plants that can be gifted on rakhi if you wish to go green. You will find these types of pots easily at your local florists.