Quilt Material T-Shirt Information in 2021


All quilts are made utilizing cotton texture for the sashing, support and batting, and are machine quilted in a wandering or edge to edge pattern which covers the entire t shirt design block for stability –our quilts are not tied. This quilting method results in an attractive texture and gives exceptional stability

We have two styles of t-shirt quilts; either with or without sashing. 

A Traditional t-shirt quilt implies that the shirts are totally cut a similar size. The shirts are masterminded in a matrix pattern, and have sashing between the squares. The quilt is then machine quilted. The cost is determined by the quantity of t-shirts. The valuing depends on a 14″ square t-shirt block with 1/2″ sashing and 2″ lines. 

A variation on the traditional T shirt quilt is to omit the sashing and sew the T shirt impedes together. The completed size will be more modest than the size listed for similar number of squares with sashing. 

Pocket logos can be utilized, but will be sorted out to make a “4-patch” square. Two horizontal t shirt plans can likewise be sewn together to make a 14″ square. 


Preparation – At Ideal Stitches, all t-shirts are extraordinarily set up with a lightweight fusible support to prevent stretching. This interaction additionally assists with filling little openings and stops any runs and will help safeguard some your best cherished, but exceptionally worn shirts! 

Plan – A great arrangement of time is spent orchestrating your shirts and selecting the sashing tone (the texture that goes between your shirts) to guarantee the most attractive layout and shading combination for your quilt. 

Attention to Detail – I take great consideration to guarantee every t-shirt configuration is adjusted correctly, centered and straight. This is what has the effect between an attractive looking quilt and one that looks askew or warped. 

Materials – Premium 100% cotton texture is utilized in my quilts for the sashing, sponsorship and restricting. The batting is likewise 100% cotton, which gives your quilt a smooth, soft look and accents the machine quilting. Numerous other t-shirt quilt organizations charge extra for texture or expect you to give your own texture. My cost incorporates the sashing, batting, backing texture – I give everything but your shirts! 

Restricting – Your quilt is done with a twofold collapsed texture restricting that is machine wrapped up. The edges of your quilt are subject to wear and this type of restricting is neat and more tough than a solitary layer restricting. 

Machine Quilting 

Numerous t-shirt quilt organizations don’t quilt their quilts in an all-over pattern. They may sandwich the layers together by hand tying, spot tacking, or just by stitching in the creases that join the shirts. This can result in hanging, grouping, and a for the most part unstable quilt. My quilts are beautifully machine quilted throughout every t-shirt block for durability and strength. An all over pattern is quilted throughout every t-shirt block with either an imperceptible poly thread or complementary thin hued thread so the stitching doesn’t interfere with the t-shirt plan. This quilting method results in an attractive, stable quilt. 

Customer Service 

I value my significant degree of customer administration. I understand that you are restless about sending your treasured recollections via the post office, and want you to be comfortable realizing that at Ideal Stitches your t-shirts will be taken care of with extreme consideration. I will let you know when your shirts show up, the expected completion date, when I’ve started work on your quilt, and when your quilt is completed and prepared to dispatch. I will contact you with any questions en route to ensure your quilt is made by your desires. 

All quilts are sent safeguarded with tracking information and signature confirmation on conveyance. 


With the entirety of the great features and quality workmanship that Ideal Stitches offers, you would expect my quilts to be pricey … . but when you think about what other t-shirt quilt organizations offer … . to the quality, attention to detail and customer administration that you will get at Ideal Stitches, you will concur that a t-shirt quilt made by Ideal Stitches is a great worth!


Your shirts ought to be washed and in great condition. The interfacing that is utilized to stabilize your quilts will fill in any little openings pleasantly. 

Kindly don’t cut your shirts. Cut shirts are sometimes difficult to work with and often are cut too little and must be altered to fit into the quilt plan. 

To indicate which side of a shirt to utilize, you can either stick a note to the shirt, or a simpler route is to package the shirts together by which side you might want utilized and put them in separate sacs, one for “front side just”, “back just” or “both sides.” 

You should simply take care of the request frame and send it with your shirts. There is no additional charge for texture, batting, sponsorship or machine quilting – I give everything to make your quilt – and it is totally remembered for my cost.

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