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Postcard Design – At Your Fingertips


Postcards are printed materials which will say thousand words with its spectacular graphics. Initially it had been considered as a convenient alternative to the letter, to share the experience between the recipient and therefore the sender. It’s a neater medium for communicating between parties not only through transcription but also through graphics. Three C’s, compactness, convenience and cheaper, has made postcards more popular now then. And with the passage of your time the postcards have flourished both in designs and technology, as more and more people came to find out about its potential within the sector of selling and business.

Postcards are wonderful objects which people admire. People collect postcards as souvenirs and put them to display in home and office to show their appreciation for art and culture. Sometimes many companies produce limited edition postcards and give them to their clients. Such limited edition postcards are great tool of marketing. Postcards collectors collect them to make their collection unique and diverse.

People find postcard designing exciting. There are vast collections of designs and through the years many designs have find their way into the postcards. Wide range of designs can be classified into different themes. They come in different blends of colors and texts. Designing postcards may not be complex but it’s not that simple either for those who are not experienced. Basically, it is still a matter of one’s belief in one’s sense of creativity. The diversity and freedom found in designing postcards has made it more popular.

Postcard designs can influence the mind of the readers. It arouses the interest of the readers. If postcards are designed in such a way that it can say clearly what it wants to say to the readers, then it can bring out the desired outcome.

Artistic designs give postcards a unique style that people can easily understand which mesmerize the readers and make them understand what the postcard wants to say.

Postcard designs convey the message in the right direction with great impact.

As tiny piece of artworks, postcards have much of its demand in the design to give people more clear and solid ideas.

Attention and skill is required in designing postcards of high quality which involves integrity of designs and texts. All these designs have to be apprehended in vivid colors with great detail and clarity.

The first thing to do while designing postcard is to decide the purpose of the design. In either way personal or business, you need to consider carefully what you wish to do and make a plan to fulfill the prerequisites.

You can start your work by catching your reader’s response. It won’t do any good if readers throw your postcard into the trash without understanding your message. What can you do to make people notice your postcard? One way is to use a stunning photo or graphics for the front side of your postcard.

Using full color in the front side is a must. Colorful images always grab the attention of the readers. Color must effectively express the message you want to convey to your readers. But colors must be used in harmony with other elements of your postcard. Colors can impart certain moods and express the overall message of the postcard. Red speaks of anger and boldness, green makes a calming effect to the eyes of the reader. Selection of image is another important task in postcard designing. One high-quality picture can effectively impart the message. However, start out your experiment with one picture and then add more if you feel it doesn’t incorporate everything you wish to say.

A postcard has helped countless people in various businesses to get their customers. A lot of businessmen are guilty of using this method since this is an effective way to market one’s business and restaurants are no exception from these businesses. While most restaurants tend to endorse themselves through radio and television commercials, and word of mouth referrals, the postcard method is also a recommended and effective means for advertising, especially for those restaurants which are just starting out and new in the industry.

Restaurants should always give their customers that feeling of wanting to go back and craving for their food. This is a sign that the restaurant is doing its duty of keeping their customers satisfied and wanting more. In short, this is a sign that the restaurant is serving quality food with excellent service. This is what most people look for in a restaurant, that “food to crave and die for” feeling and the good thing is that as long as the postcard design looks appealing enough, this can be accomplished even just through postcards.

Through the use of a postcard, a restaurant owner or business manager can get more in touch with both their regular customers and potential patrons. Word of mouth referrals and postcard are among the cheap form of marketing methods there is, but it would really help give more exposure to the restaurant and would bring it to great heights. Who knows that such postcards are capable of doing this to small scale businesses? Here are tips and tricks on how to fully turn a restaurant into a landmark of great food and excellent service:

In the backside you need to give informative content to the reader. Give what you have for them in details and how your service can fulfill their desire, what makes your service different from others. Tell your readers what they should do and how they can reach you and get your service. Make sure to provide your contact information. The space of the back side of the postcard is not huge but with a well-written and concise text you can catch the attention of your readers and compel them to contact you or go to your website to get your service.

Here are some common mistakes that people do while designing postcards:

Using too many images: Many design tools may give you the option to add multiple images in the same postcards. You may not resist the temptation to use that extra advantage you get from the software. But it won’t do any good to your business as it may disrupt the main tone of your postcard.

Using huge junk of text is another common mistake. To use texts effectively you should have clear and concise headlines. Your text should be to the point and give the readers concrete and solid ideas.

Not providing the way to avail your service is like suicide. If your message is clear to your customer but if they don’t know how to get your service then all your good effort will go in vain.

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