Netflix Has Invested $110M On Australian Kids’ Shows!

Netflix has invested $110M on Australian kids shows-min

Netflix has become a household name and the global lockdown has pushed this popularity to a new level. Calling Netflix one of the most popular streaming services would not be wrong from any angle. There has been a sudden surge in the Netflix streaming, and the credit goes to its famous and original series and business strategies, that helped the world to keep climbing the success ladders.

It has been predicted by the top analysts that Netflix to continue growing at a solid pace, and a bigger chunk of this success ball falls into the court of their incredible strategy, helping the company to raise its revenue estimation,

In this run, Netflix has stated that rules created for local quota rules are unnecessary and can bring mediocre shows in existence. Further, it revealed to have invested $110 million in Australian original and co-produced children’s programs in the past four years.

Local quota obligation

Netflix executive Ed Horasz has bluntly mentioned in an interview that local quota obligations for subscription video-on-demand services are useless, and need to be reconsidered from the government side.

The quality of content produced from Australia is beyond imagination and has everything under its fabric to allure viewers. And the content specially generated from the “kids and family” genre is spectacular. However, when it comes to understanding the quotas, then it surely triggers mediocrity and keeps the creative content aside.

With the existing Australian regulations, it is necessary for commercial TV broadcasters to show around 26 hours of first-release Australian C-rated drama per year. Further, there have to be eight hours of children’s drama repeats. When COVID-19 spread its venom, then the federal government took the decision to suspend t local children’s, documentary and adult drama quotas for 2020. 

But still, broadcasters have to air at least 55 % Australian content between 6 pm and midnight on their main channels.

Further, the federal government issues newspapers in April, stating the complete Australian content regulations, wherein new rules for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime, and Disney+ are also likely to impact.

Netflix is marking a difference

Netflix has taken a step forward and considered the same methodology as free-to-air broadcasters to categorize specific children’s programs as Australian. 

It has so far spent $109.4 million across nine series including some created, filmed, and set in Australia, such as Izzy’s Koala World, The Investigators, Bottersnikes, and Gumbles. On the other hand, there are some shows from New Zealand co-productions such as The New Legends of Monkey. And then there is an inclusion of animated series set in the US or the UK like Motown Magic, Kazoops, which were created by Australians and have employed local production businesses.

With this method, Netflix has changed the broadcasting, where $110 M, does not include the investment from funding bodies and co-commissioning partners such as TV networks. On the other hand, Netflix has also committed to further invest $16 million on upcoming shows such as Maverix, which will be filmed in Alice Springs next year.

Netflix looks forward to investing in kids’ shows

Indeed, online streaming services has already carved a niche for itself. And in this run, Netflix prefers to fund and produce children’s series in partnership with Australian networks. Australian broadcasters have a clear understanding and experience in creating kids’ shows, and the association of Netflix can help make it more global and fit the budget.

What more to expect?

Australian audiences are extremely happy to receive the best art and creativity in the form of kids’ shows through Netflix. And every show depicts the true Australian culture and makes Australians drool over the show, as the themes of the show are universal to 10-year-olds.

However, the commercial networks have insisted that restrictions on advertising to minors and the high cost of making programs claimed last year’s average under-13 broadcast viewership for C- and P-rated programs were below 1000. 

And to come out of this hurdle, Screen Producers Australia, are willing to let the local content requirements get started to stream on on-demand streaming service providers. There have been constant efforts made to boost the revenue through generating content for kids, but one thing that cannot be given a miss at any condition is to provide engaging content to kids. 

Their involvement in the entertainment sector is much significant and has nothing to do with revenue generation. Considering this, Netflix has proposed a new setting, wherein the company is looking forward to negotiating confidential voluntary targets with regulators. This can be done through the inclusion of minimum expenditure on Australian children’s programs or the number of hours produced. Further to get a hold on to the goal, these targets can be reviewed after three to five years of duration, and if there is any sort of dissatisfaction observed from the regulators, then other measures can be tried.

Indeed, this strategy would be proven a Eureka moment for the Australian regulators to stream kids’ original content through streaming services.

What the future holds?

Well, there is no doubt that Netflix is leading the video streaming world, and in the near future, Netflix would invest more in Australian children’s programs. This would help the different talents to come into existence from the producing and writing side in Australia.

Closing statement

Netflix in Australia is more like your quiet friend which grew up to do way more than any other service in the world. But there are some areas where Netflix is facing tough competition, and this is where this move will mark a difference. It has been noticeable that the Australian Netflix library would grow significantly in recent years. And this can be possible due to Netflix’s massive investment in original content in kids’ content. There is an integration of original productions in Netflix and it will be helping the Australian audience and will include massive hits

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