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Natural Treatment Of Fungal Infection

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The fungus grows in warm or wet areas. A hot season like summer mostly invites fungal skin infection. It can be caused in any area of the body and produces burning sensation, swelling, or redness. The fungus is mostly present in the air, water, soil, or even on human body skin. Increment in the amount of fungus in human skin can cause skin problems like a fungal infection. It can be occurred on any part of the body and will cause redness, itching, or sometimes ulcers. It is important to take action immediately if you find any of its symptoms. There are some home remedies for this infection or you can use the best cream for fungal infections in India. 

Home remedies for fungal infection: You can adopt any of the following remedies for the prevention of fungal infection, such as:

  1. Apple cider vinegar: Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar keep the fungal infection away from your skin. This is one the best home remedy for the treatment of fungal infection.
  2. Yogurt: Yogurt can be useful for anti-fungal infection but it is also important to keep in mind that it should be free from any sweetness and should be organic. Otherwise, you can make your situation worse.
  3. Tea tree oil: Popular skincare industries use tea tree oil for the production of skincare products. Research has given the proof that this oil is also beneficial for fungal infection.
  4. Turmeric: Every solution related to human skin can be found in turmeric. We know that skin turmeric is the best source to make your skin extraordinary beautiful and healthy. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties are useful in the treatment of fungal infection.
  5. Garlic: Garlic also has anti-fungal properties and helps to prevent fungal infection. It smells bad but still considered as one of the best methods for the treatment. This also helps to improve the immune system of the human body.
  6. Coconut oil: Coconut oil has shown a positive result against fungal infection. It has a high amount of vitamin E and used in most skincare products. This oil is used for the smooth and glowing skin and its anti-fungal properties treat the fungal infection without any side effects.
  7. Aloe vera: Aloe vera is enriched with antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. Most of the skin products include aloe vera because of its properties. Fungal infection can also be treated with aloe vera and let you feel free from such painful and burning sensations.
  8. Oregano oil: This oil is mostly used for cooking and it also includes the ingredient that can be used to prevent fungal infection. You can’t apply this oil directly to the skin, so firstly dilute this oil with water and then apply it to the affected area.

First of all, you need to clean the affected area with any soap and water, to eliminate all dirt particles. Then you should dry that space thoroughly with a clean towel before applying the antifungal cream there. The entire affected part and also the surrounding skin should be covered with this cream, to kill all the fungi cells responsible for your infection. A thin layer of this cream is enough to get the necessary result and you should not cover that space with any bandage or cloth unless instructed to do so by your doctor. You should not apply any kind of cosmetic product on that space for at least 20 minutes after applying this antifungal and antibacterial cream India. You can wash off the cream only after 3 hours, to let the medication do the desired action on fungi cells. You need to apply the Ketomac cream 1 – 2 times a day and continue its use for 2 – 6 weeks, as per the prescription of your doctor.

You may experience a stinging sensation or swelling of the affected part, as minor side effects of the Ketoconazole, the prime medication of Ketomac antifungal cream. However, if these side effects persist for a long time or even worsen with the continuous use of this cream, you should contact your doctor immediately and report this situation. You should not wear any tight-fitting synthetic clothing over the affected part, which can cause discomfort for you. If the fungal infection is in your feet, you should wear sandals and cotton socks, to let the free passage of air surrounding the affected skin. You should not use any other medication on the affected part while you are using this antifungal cream.

Apart from home remedies, some best antifungal creams in India can be used to make you feel free from fungal infection. By applying this cream on the affected area can provide instant relief and can be beneficial for you. It is purely your choice to choose home remedy or anti-fungal cream, the only thing that matters is to get relief from fungal infection.