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Move your local business to online using TaskRabbit


In this fast-growing world, the most important factor is time. People are always lacking with time due to a busy regular schedule. Every day we need to outsource the service which we may need in routine life. It takes a lot of time to find the local worker to get various services at home and offices. As technology has advanced and people are moving towards the online world, there must be some online platforms to get the things done. 

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace service platform that will assist you to reach the workers and get your work done. Currently, many people are using it as they found it very helpful and convenient. It saves your time for looking out for the local professional by using this platform.

Since the marketplace industry has witnessed remarkable growth, many entrepreneurs are also active in it to expand their business. There are many TaskRabbit Clone like PinTask is available, using it you can develop a similar website and start doing your business. That means you can register on a website like TaskRabbit Clone and start doing work and reach maximum people. The services you can avail of are cleaning, electricians, plumbing, teachers, and many more. 

So, let’s discuss the importance which shows you must start working in the taskrabbit or move your business to online with the platform. Some of the points surely convince you to use this marketplace platform. 

01. Live Tracking

As technology advances, you can track the worker from your mobile and keep an eye on them. It’s highly essential to keep updated with the status of your work and worker’s location. 

It’s really important to track the worker who is coming to your place. You can get to know about the location when they reach and when the task will be done. Many Task Marketplace Script comes with the inbuilt Google Map which you can use while creating a TaskRabbit clone website. It’s an additional and important feature that every user wants. 

As technology advances every day, it’s a better opportunity to make use in an appropriate way to enhance the feature of the website.  Even people would be encouraged to frequently use your website if it contains the latest features. 

For instance, popular companies like, Swiggy, Uber, Dominos and many others are providing the real-time location of their delivery executive. With this feature, they have become a very popular brand among people. 

02. Google Analytics

Another important feature that can help you to grow your business and analyze user traffic by integrating Google Analytics in your TaskRabbit clone.

Your website must have Google Analytics to understand the user’s flow and study the various activities. As it’s free to use so you no need to worry about that. Even it helps to collect a large amount of data which helps to modify the website as per the customer’s demand.  

It’s true that if you have made thorough research then it makes your task easy to modify the website as per the user’s demand. And this can be possible by integrating the Google analytic in your TaskRabbit clone.

Benefits of Google Analytics:

  • Easy to integrate:

It can be easily integrated with your website. It can also integrate with Google AdWords as well.

  • Helps to make strategy:

The reports and user flow on your website let you make a strategy easily. It provides every required information. 

  • Make a custom report:

In Google Analytics, you can create custom reports with ease. There is a menu you will see of “custom report” that lets you create a report in a map, flat table as per your need. 

  • Complete details of the user:

Google Analytics will assist you to find the details like location, device, source, and many more. 

So, this is why the integration of Google analytics is vital when you’re developing a website from any TaskRabbit clone script as per the user’s expectation.

03. Review and ratings

Feedback from previous users is important as it holds the trustworthy part to influence the customers.

If you have provided a good service to your user then they will write the feedback for the same and give ratings from the five stars. The higher the ratings you have, it increases the chances that people will trust you and it strengthens your profile in Taskrabbit clone. Reviews provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and customers to build a relationship with each other. That will resultantly grow your business. 

More reviews and ratings help to improve your sales remarkably as people would first look for the feedback on your product before buying it. It’s even a better option to enhance your ranking and beat your competitors through higher and positive reviews. 

While working online it’s a predominant requirement that you have positive feedback. This is the only way to identify the worker and their quality of work because you wouldn’t get any chance for face to face conversation. Every TaskRabbit clone script comes with this feature due to its importance and popularity among professionals. 

Additionally, it’s really important to reply to the review given by your customer, it shows that you’re active and honest.

04. ID verification

Another essential feature that helps to verify that a worker who comes to your place and on the website is the same or not. 

It’s really important to keep aware while availing of any service from the online platform. Every Task marketplace script provides a feature from which you can check the identity of the worker to prevent the fake user from entering your place. This type of security is mandatory to have in your TaskRabbit website, otherwise, people won’t use it next time. 

Even at the same time, the tasker also needs to make sure that they are providing service to the genuine customer. Moreover, verifying social media accounts, the PayPal account is also important. Your website must be advanced enough to give features to authenticate the user and verify them with the registered user on the portal. Otherwise, any fake identity can enter the house. 

This feature is beneficial for both the user, worker and customer as they need to verify each other. Therefore, ID verification is significant to include in the website.

05. Plenty of services

TaskRabbit is a one-stop solution for myriads of local services. You don’t need to use any other marketplace site, everything will be provided from a single website. 

Services like electricians, plumber, DJs, cleaner, and many more. Your thumbtack platform should include as many local services so that people can find everything from a single platform. You just need to write down the requirements of what types of work you want to get complete and time as well. 

It’s true that the higher the service you provide the higher user traffic you will get. Yout thumbtack website must fulfill every requirement for people, otherwise, nobody would prefer it. Due to these many services, people are moving towards the TaskRabbit clone website and growing their business rapidly. 

06. Advanced search and filter

It’s mandatory to provide advanced and powerful search functionality to the user. It eases their task while finding the local professional. 

Your search option must be efficient enough so that it can quickly identify the keywords written by the user and present the exact result to them. Even the suggestion must be shown when the user writes the few characters in the search bar, it improves the user experience as well. While developing Task Marketplace Script, these all things need to be taken care of. 

Furthermore, to make your search functionality more advanced and to present the best search result to your customer, you must include a filter option to reduce the results and get the most desired one. The filter must be based on the location, timing, work so that users can find the appropriate local professionals. So, both features are highly essential and demanding as well to attract customers. 

07. Payment system

It’s a primary requirement of any marketplace website to provide a strong and secure payment system to its customers. Sometimes it may be possible that a worker may not be from the same city so in this case, online payment is the only option.

It’s mandatory that your payment system offers every mode of payment such as credit card, debit card, net banking, and some other. Otherwise, there is no use of the system which helps in the specified boundary. At the same time, it should not take more time to reflect on the other person’s account which means it should be quick. 

Additionally, providing a system for the payment is not sufficient. It must be secure as well. It’s important to secure every transaction that happens from your thumbtack website and prevent it from hackers. Otherwise, people will not trust your system anymore. 

Wrapping up

In this digital world, it’s highly required to be active in a marketplace website to expand your business. It’s the best opportunity to expand your business and generate more revenue for the company. Plenty of services and features of TaskRabbit encourage people to use these types of websites. Include the above-mentioned points on your website using the TaskRabbit clone script to attract the customer towards your site.

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