Methods to generate SBI CIF Number


The acronym CIF indicates a unique identification code for every individual customer of a financial institution. It comprises valuable information regarding the individual customer in a highly encrypted digital format. A CIF number typically has the following details: it’s an electronic file having the entire banking data of the particular customer. It is encrypted on-demand and can be decrypted when you need to access it.

Documents required to apply for SBI CIF Number

The personal banking information file may also contain the following information:

  • Individual’s name, address, contact details, account type, account number, etc.
  • This encrypted file can be accessed only by the person who owns it with the appropriate authorization.
  • An SBI CIF number or an SBI CIF password does not grant access to anyone else.

Methods to generate SBI CIF Number

There are different ways of generating an SBI CIF number:

  • One of these methods is the creation of a virtual private database (VPD), which is also known as a virtual ID. This virtual private database or VPD stores information in a highly secure way. It has various security features, which ensures the safety of the information stored. You can use a special VPD file for storing your personal banking information.
  • The second method of creating an SBI CIF number is by the use of a software program. In this process, you create a virtual file which is called the CIF file. CIF file stores information about a particular customer in an encrypted format. It can be compared to a secured virtual private database (VPD) stored on a computer.
  • It is similar to a database, but it is not like an offline database. An SBI CIF has two versions – a standard version and an offline version. The standard version is normally used in most banks and financial institutions. When you want to generate a standard CIF file, you need to get the help of an expert who will use an encryption algorithm and a random number generator. After creating this virtual file, you can access it via the internet using any suitable connection.
  • If you want to generate a secure offline file, then you should use the offline method of getting an SBI CIF number. This method of creating an SBI CIF number works in a very simple manner. You will need to open an account statement in an EDB file and then get an SBI CIF number from it. You can then encrypt the number and then save the file in an encrypted format. After that, you can access this file using any suitable application and get a clear idea about your finances.

Online methods to generate SBI CIF Number

If you are looking for a fast way to create CIF files, you should use the online method. The SBI CIF number can be created quickly through the use of online applications, which are based on the industry’s secure infrastructure. These online tools will allow you to get various SBI CIF numbers quickly and easily without any difficulty. These tools also help you manage all your multiple accounts and transactions in an organized manner.

  • All you have to do is log onto the website of one of the leading financial institutions
  • Then, find CIF numbers by using their full form.
  • This website will provide you with the latest news, financial analysis, and market updates related to SBI CIF numbers.
  • You can also make the transaction instantly and find out the current trends in the banking sector.

In this way, you can always manage your finances well and avoid being trapped in any kind of loan-related problem.

Why people prefer to generate SBI CIF Number online?

There are a lot of people who are using internet banking to save their day to day monetary requirements. However, there are many others who prefer to keep their financial dealings and transactions in an organized manner. SBI CIF number is one of the best ways to identify the different accounts and transactions related to customers. This will help you to monitor how well the customer is managing his funds and what sort of financial problems he is facing due to the recent economic downgrade. If the financial status of the customer has worsened, it is time to look for alternate sources to deposit the money.

If you want to increase your online profit margins and save your resources in various other ways as well, then SBI CIF number registration is a must. You can always use the services of leading banks in India to find out the right banking functions and features in order to enjoy the best banking experience in India.

Best banks offering SIF Number

Apart from the State Bank of India, there are some other banks providing loans at low-rate of interest to their customers. Some of the best banks in India like HDFC, ICICI Bank, ING Direct, Reliance Bank, Union Bank among others offer their services at really competitive rates. If you happen to be an account holder of any of the mentioned banks in India, you can always use the services offered by them at really reasonable rates. In this way, you can always save your time as well as money for other banking activities.


The above information will help you to generate SBI CIF Number via online or offline mode. You can check the details, you submitted in the bank. Thus, check out some other banks’ CIF number. You can also call or visit the customer care centers of these banks in India to enquire about the various methods of payment. SBI CIF number method 2 is another method that is often preferred by the customer. With this method, a customer care number is issued by the customer himself so that there is no need for an extra account number. There is just one card number for SBI CIF number method 1. Thus, both methods are equally valid for all customers who prefer to use electronic banking in India.


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