Matthew Davies Stockton Looks at How to Clean Your Patio Cushions

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Before the new season kicks in, it’s a good time to clean your patio cushions. According to Matthew Davies Stockton, you can’t just throw your cushions into the washing machine. To clean your cushions without deteriorating the fluff and fabric, you need to clean them in another way. Here’s how you can do it:


The Methods


  1. Get the resources – To clean your patio cushions you need a few things. You need a decent vacuum, a bucket filled with warm water, dishwashing liquid, and more such materials. You also need sponge, scrubs, towels, and borax for your cleaning. Don’t forget to keep a fabric protector spray as well to keep the patio cushions cover as good as new and prevent them from getting damaged due to harsh chemicals.


  1. Machine wash your patio cushion cases – If you have pillows that come with zipped covers removing them is very easy and convenient. With pillowcases that are held together with strings, you may have to struggle a bit and invest more time into it. After you have separated the cases from the pillows check their tags to see if they can be machine washed and proceed accordingly.


  1. Vacuum the cushions – Since your patio cushions are exposed to the outdoor elements for a long time it’s natural for them to have dust and dirt accumulation. Use the upholstery attachment with your vacuum and suck out the loose dust and dirt from your cushions. If you have truffled cushions, make sure to go over the crevices thoroughly with the upholstery attachment. Don’t leave out the gaps under the buttons and seams either.


  1. Hand wash the cushions – Add dish soap to the bucket of warm water and mix it well. If you have cushions that develop mildew add a quarter cup of borax in the dish soap solution as well. Sponge this solution generously on your cushions and let them soak it up for around 15 minutes.


If you still notice dirty spots on the cushions after the soaking period, apply the more cleaning solution, and rub those dirty spots with the scrub. After that rinse the cushions with a garden hose. Avoid pressure washers you use to clean your car since they will inevitably damage the fabric.


  1. Dry the cushions – Drape a dry towel around your cushion to soak up most of the water and then stand them up in an upright position for air drying. If you want, you can also hang your cushions with clips for better air drying. Make sure that they don’t have any moisture to prevent mildew growth.


  1. Use the fabric protector – After the cushions are dried and free from moisture spray them with a fabric protector so that they can stay free from stains and dirt for a long time. This helps you to keep the cushions for a longer period.

Why do we need to clean patio cushions?

Many of you don’t focus on outdoor furniture due to any reason, but it needs proper maintenance every season. You can spend a good time while sitting there and you need a clean and fresh environment. Proper maintenance helps to prevent the patio cushions from hard-to-clean mildew. The best season that is considered to wash the patio cushion is before spring. Warm weather is the best one to retreat the cushion because it dries well.

Additionally, many people don’t give attention to clean their patio cushion but it’s essential before the winter season. It is the important essence of the outlook of your home that needs to be lean before next use.

Many outdoor cushions consist of some removable covers that are very easy to uncover and wash. In contrast, some patio cushions don’t have this facility, so have to clean them carefully by using different methods.


In a nutshell, Matthew Davies Stockton suggests that you follow these steps and clean your cushions to welcome the upcoming season while relaxing at your porch. The methods that are given above are very useful and help you to clean the patio cushions conveniently. The best weather to clean them is before spring, in warm weather. By using these cleaning methods you can make your patio cleaner and enjoy fresh and cozy ambiance there.

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