Make Perfect Ice With the NewAir AI-100S Portable Ice Maker


Even though mixing cocktails might only seem to entail mixing smoking and alcohol in a glass, nothing could be farther from reality. Ice may break or make a proper drink, also mixologists all over the world now are turning out to be more interested in ice shapes and quality.                                                         

The Importance of Ice:

Ice plays a critical part in a great cocktail but is one of the very most overlooked ingredients. First and foremost, ice melts the beverage throughout the mixing process. This course of action is important because when the temperatures of the cocktail have been lowered, the taste buds from the tongue are now vaccinated. Hence, the beverage gets more palatable and not as”alcoholic” tasting. 

As demonstrated by the latest Los Angeles Times report, Christian Frizzell, co-owner of both Redwood Bar and Grill at la, says, “So long it’s been around mixology or extract of liquor for flavor. However, a perfect pour isn’t almost adding a lot of things. It has got to become the perfect temperature” Furthermore, ice hockey is this kind of important subject to bartenders that every year through the Tales of the Cocktail mixologist’s tradition, there’s a convention on”The value of Ice” that discusses this exact issue.  

Some bartenders take the issue of ice into the severe. Most bartenders employed in upscale bars from metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago can employ bottled or triple distilled artisan water for example as Fiji to create their ice hockey, while others make ice in huge cubes and hand crack it with a hammer and ice viewed. This results in cubes that are larger than crushed ice hockey and ideal for drinks over the rocks. 

NewAir AI-100S Portable Icemaker:

However, if you’re just a casual property bartender, then you may not want to resort to hacking at a vast block of ice hockey with a choice just yet. To ensure nice tasting ice (and adequate quantities of it) at all times, a crushed ice maker fridge will perform just fine. As such, with all summer already here, the product or service team believed it is the ideal time to try some of the finest mobile ice manufacturers in the marketplace today. Some of those major brands we found ended up Franklin Chef and Sunpentown, however NewAir, a provider better known for its line of cooling and heating goods, also has a lineup of amazing house ice manufacturers which are rather inexpensive. If you employ cubed ice hockey stoves, sliced, or crushed ice hockey, a portable residence ice manufacturer like the NewAir AI-100S is a significant choice for the seasoned mixologist or residence bartender. Excellent for people that amuse regularly, this portable ice-maker combines style and convenience at one device. With the capability to produce up to 28 lbs of ice at 24 hours, this ice maker helps to ensure you get a constant ice distribution when entertaining large collections of folks. For this particular week, we had been lucky enough to be able to test that the NewAir AI-100S compact portable ice maker, also this are our findings:

Initially Impressions of the AI-100S:

After we obtained that the machine, we were amazed at just how compact it was. It weighed about 3-4 lbs and showcased a slick silver instance that complemented our evaluation kitchen. Moreover, we appreciated the simple fact, unlike greater industrial-sized ice makers, the NewAir AI-100S suit well on our countertop next to your toaster. Even the AI-100S connected to a standard household power socket and best of all, long term installation was not necessary. As an alternative, the machine could be utilized with either tap or bottled water. The truth is that we utilized Fiji artisan water (just like many top bartenders) in the AI-100S for the Glen Livet about the rocks, and we could taste the gap.  


Concerning ice creation, we were impressed that ice had been made over 15minutes of turning the system and we were able to choose out of a few ice sizes-small, medium, or substantial, with two parts of ice created per cycle. Also, NewAir claimed this device could constitute 28 lbs of ice each day, and also we did come across this to become correct. Maintenance was likewise a cinch: the negative mounted drain enabled us to empty the system into the sink and all we had to do is clean the inner tank using mild soap and warm water after we had been done.

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