Low-Carb Diets: A New Diet Obsession

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You have probably heard your friend attributing keto or paleo diet to her weight loss but did you ever try to search for the facts? Well, thanks to the digital nutritionists, because every other person has an opinion about dietary health. Surprisingly, in this era of nutrition information, super pills and fat cutter tonics are not scamming people. Rather misleading and false information is doing it.

The Era of Digital Nutrition

Well, looking at the bright side these digital health experts are spreading awareness and redefining the concept of nutrition for masses. But on the other hand, these food fads and diets are giving rise to nutrition misinformation.

Sharing one such incident, my cousin was once following a weight gain diet plan for months. Despite all her efforts, the problem seemed incurable until she was diagnosed with diabetes. Following the diagnosis, she went to the top diabetologist in Rawalpindi and started her treatment plan.

We all can relate to the fact that carbohydrates or carbs are always blamed for our health problems in general. Whether it is a cardiac problem or an illness that is affecting female fertility, carbs are always held guilty. Don’t worry if you have doubts and fears concerning carbs as you are not alone. Most of us keep questioning them, but are carbs really that bad? Let’s unveil the mystery!

What are carbs?

Carbohydrates basically refer to the sugars, starches and fibres present in our diet. They are basically one of the most important nutrients in our diet and a source of energy. All our body cells derive energy from glucose (comes from the breakdown of starches and sugars), so basically, carbs are the fuel for our body.

Good VS bad carbs

You have been hearing about the discussion on good and bad carbs but basically, diet promoters are responsible for the popularity of these terms. As a matter of fact, carbs are the major source of energy for our bodies and can be divided into simple and complex carbs. Mostly, the complex carbs are referred to as the good carbs and term bad carbs are used for simple ones.

Good carbs are the ones with high fibre content, low glycemic index and can provide energy for longer periods of time. They basically help to maintain low sugar levels and can keep you full for longer periods of time. In contrast, bad carbs have a high glycemic index, low fibre and easy to digest. Besides these reasons, complex carbs can immediately boost your sugar levels and can be stored as the fat.

Both of these carbs have their own characteristics and affect our health in their own ways. However, the overall advantages and disadvantages of these carbs depend upon the overall calorie intake. You can talk to your nutritionist if you want to go for a particular diet. Many good healthcare facilities are known to provide exceptional services i.e. Al Qaim hospital in Rawalpindi, Faisal Hospital in Lahore, and Ali Medical Hospital in Islamabad etc. 

Do low carbs diets actually work?

Just like paleo or keto diets, hundreds of dieticians and health experts advocate the low carb diets and recommend them for weight loss. Besides the proven success of low carb diets, you should know of the truth behind them. Let’s discuss some of the little talked about facts regarding low-carb diets;

  • Low carb diets are usually short-lived diets that are hard to consume for longer periods of time. Low carb diets can only work as a temporary solution and no more than ‘fad diet’.
  • Can you stop eating pizza for a lifetime? Well, that’s even hard to think. This is the actual problem behind these diets as they restrict the consumption of one of the most flavorful nutrients. So these diets are hard to stick making them a less sustainable option.
  • Low carb diets affect water weight in our body more than the fat weight. The overall weight of our body is made up of water, fat and muscle weight. A sensible weight loss approach targets fat weight rather than muscle and water weight. While when we talk about low-carb diets, they drastically reduce our water weight that will be regained once you start consuming carbs again.
  • Although, it is said that low-carb diets are bad for your brain as some cells in your brain are not capable of functioning without dietary carbs. However, it’s not completely true as most of the cells in our brain can perfectly go fine with the ketones.


There is an endless discussion about the pros and cons of particular diets but we cannot give a generalized opinion on them. Let me say it again that one SINGLE NUTRIENT in your diet cannot help you gain or lose weight. Your total calorie management is the key to weight loss, and of course the consistency!


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