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The subject that I want to touch on here today is a bit tricky, I admit it. Let’s see if I can explain it without hurting or offending anyone …
The first thing I have to do is explain a couple of little things about love relationships, with which I think the vast majority of you will agree:
1. Relationships (regardless of sex) are complicated, why are we going to deny it? They require large doses of patience, respect, acceptance, and of course, the desire to love.
2. We all have that urgent need to feel loved, accepted and protected. Everybody. Without exception.
Those who have not felt loved psychic readings and accepted during their childhood, reaches adulthood with an emotional lack that can easily lead to imbalance.
That said, it is entirely understandable that when you fall in love (or think you are falling in love) madly and to the bone, try by all means that the other person feels the same for you … Seek reciprocity.
But unfortunately for one, that does not always happen. And there is nothing more painful than living a “love sickness”, an unrequited love, because it is distressing to the point of committing the greatest and most unthinkable follies.

Solution? A Love Spell, right? That is what they are for …

There are many people who still cast spells and spells. In the XXI century, spells, spells, bewitches, filters and drinks are in full swing, although it is difficult to believe.

In many towns of the world it is still part of the marriage ritual, to go with the future wife to visit the sorceress or sorcerer of rigor, a few days after the wedding, with the intention of achieving a stable and lasting marriage; that the husband is always kind, loving and faithful; that the children come soon and healthy … Anyway, what has been a MOORING of a lifetime.

And who can blame the bride and her relatives for wanting all that? Nobody.

But there is something that these Souls do not notice. And it is something of the utmost importance for the eternal destiny of all the people involved, from the bride and the family, to the sorceress or sorcerer himself.

And it is the Karma that is generated by subjugating the Free Will of another Being.

For those who do not know, Free Will is one of the most fundamental and untouchable rights of the Universal Laws.

So much so, that the Heavenly Courts cannot do anything for us, unless we ask them to. I already wrote an article a long time ago on this subject, entitled “For asking, that it does not remain”, precisely explaining to what extent our Free Will is sacred.

Very well … because when a Being makes a spell or spell on another (whether of Love or not), it is violating the most divine of Laws, and it is important that it be known.

The Karma generated is strong. And the bonds that bind the bewitched, the enchantress and the sorcerer, will remain eternally in an impenetrable trio, until one of them does a work of liberation and forgiveness for all three.

There may be someone thinking that all this is nothing more than bullshit, but I have to confess that throughout my life, and my work as a therapist, I have come across many cases. I even had to think about it a lot before making this article public, because I know that there are many people involved in one of the three characters.

But from the bottom of my Being there is a force that moves me to explain it and to put all the cards face up, because we are in a very delicate moment for the future of Humanity …

In these crucial moments we need all possible Souls to be masters of their wills and to be free from ancestral Karmas.

The symptoms of a mooring are clear, and from the outside they can be seen perfectly. Suddenly the family and friends one day discover that Fulanit @ does not behave the same: she has lost her will; he no longer makes his own decisions, but someone else makes them for him / her. Even when you are determined to do something, you feel “bound” and cannot do it. She withdraws from family and everything that made up her previous world, without a coherent explanation, and her new world (or family) takes up all her time.

This is what happens, for example, when entering a sect. The first thing they do is annul the will of the individual. And that is the main difference between a sect and a commune.

If you know someone in these circumstances, know that it is very difficult to neutralize the spell, because whoever tries it from outside the trio, will automatically be charged with the bad Karma of having interfered in turn, in the wills of the enchantress and the sorcerer.

So everything starts with trying to convince the active part of the spells to break all the work done. And beware! This also includes all those people who have achieved “favors” through the use of inhibitory substances, because it is still a manipulation of the will and Free Will of others.

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