Looking for the best battery for Inverter? Keep These Things in Mind before Investing

Looking for the best battery for Inverter? Keep These Things in Mind before Investing 1

An inverter is only as good as the battery that powers it, so it only makes sense to invest in a battery that can keep powering your home for years to come. But, with so many batteries out in the market, how do you choose one that best fits your lifestyle and budget?

Well, if that question has been bothering you, you’re at the right place as we will give you a breakdown as to which is the best battery for inverter that should help you make a smarter choice. 

When it comes to home backup solutions, there are majorly three types of batteries that you can choose from: GEL, Tubular, and Flat Plate Battery. Each of these battery types has its benefits and what you choose depends a lot on the type of backup you are expecting from your next backup solution.

Let’s look at the different battery types to help you make an informed decision when investing in the best battery for inverter for your home/shop.

  • GEL Battery

A GEL battery is environment friendly, requires ZERO maintenance, has zero spillage resulting in lesser harmful gases. In addition, the GEL range of batteries offers up to 20% more consistent power and has a long service life, which makes it an ideal choice for home use. 

  • Why Invest In A GEL Battery?

They are custom built using a compact container, which makes them hugely efficient in performance, resulting in consistent backup with a longer life as energy is extracted evenly from the plates.

  • Requires no top-up
  • ZERO maintenance cost
  • ZERO spillage 
  • Environment friendly
  • Tubular Battery

If your area is plagued by long power cuts, this is the best battery for inverter you can invest your money in. The battery uses tubular plates, which are custom-made to deliver consistent power in prolonged outage conditions. Moreover, the use of 20% more electrolytes ensures you don’t have to shell a fortune in maintenance while offering enhanced safety. 

  • Why Invest in a Tubular Battery?

Such batteries are robust and have a service life ranging from 3-8 years if kept under right conditions, and are perfect for anyone looking for a longer backup time during prolonged power cuts. Moreover, they can run appliances requiring more power. Thus, they are ideal if you want more power for prolonged usage.

  • Best for areas with long power cuts
  • They require less water topping due to their custom design
  • Offers better performance throughout its service life
  • Comes with an extended warranty for peace of mind
  • Flat Plate Battery

A Flat Plate Battery is the best battery for inverter from a practical standpoint due to its smaller size. Therefore, it is most suited for areas with frequent power cuts..

The best part, they are lightweight and compact when compared to tubular batteries. They don’t require much space, making them a great addition for urban areas where space comes at a premium. 

  • Why Invest in Flat Plate Battery?

Such batteries have superb charging acceptability, which is ideal for providing consistent backup for frequent power cuts. Moreover, they come factory charged, which means they are ready to use outside the box. 

  • Suitable for areas with frequent power cuts of shorter durations
  • Fast charge ensures battery is ready for next power cut
  • Pocket friendly in comparison to tubular or gel battery

Luminous provides a range of GEL, Tubular and Flat Plate Batteries that are renowned for providing consistent backup, and the entire range is built and designed using the best of components without cutting corners. As a result, they are a formidable name for providing the best battery for inverters using the latest, most innovative technology to offer backup solutions catering from low to heavy usage. 

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