Living Room Designer Wall Clocks for Your Home


Designer Wall Clocks

Wall clocks have surpassed their original purpose, which was only to be the keepers of time. In the modern house they play a much more important role as a complement to the furnishing of home interiors and bring the pizzas to the walls.

There are all kinds of wall clocks to choose from – quirky clocks to classic timepieces, contemporary clocks to those in vintage designs, oversize clocks to abstract pattern clocks – the variation is endless. The key is to zoom in on a clock that perfectly matches your personality and the atmosphere of your home. Then you can cleverly integrate it into the appearance of the room so that it has an aesthetic punch and also looks cool. Whether it adds a touch of color, a touch of whimsy, or gives the room a stylish centerpiece, a design wall clocks is a must for the modern living room wall.

Here are some interesting ways you can use a sleek wall clock to increase the style factor of your living room. Add a vintage timepiece to a timeless black and white color scheme.

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A metallic stylish living room design wall clocks with oversize Roman numerals gives a vintage touch to this contemporary living room. In black metal against a pristine white wall with panels, the contrast is strikingly elegant and provides a nice accent in the design of this cozy living room.

Wedding with Ethnic Accents with Modern Style

If you are looking for an idea for a large wall clock for your living room, look no further. This beautiful timepiece is enough scenery for an entire wall. In wood finish, this wall clock matches the wooden interiors of this ethnic yet modern sophisticated living room. The half-timbered partition and the wall art are the Indian counterpart of this modern clock. The hand-embroidered cushion covers and lampshade give this beautiful arrangement a rustic charm and elegance.Living Room Designer Wall Clocks for Your Home 3

Personalize your living room design wall clocks with Family Pics

Now this is something fun to try! You can set up a personalized feature wall with a nicely structured wallpaper, a nice wall clock and matching picture frames with family pictures. This is perfect for a large living room wall with lots of space to play with. You can even make it more meaningful by arranging the photos chronologically and showing the growth of your family or the journey of your life!

Create a cozy alcove by framing your timepiece

Treat your clock like a work of art and add a beautiful frame to make it stand out. In this beautiful living room is a niche with an awning made with a wooden frame to create a beautiful wall clock and comfortable seating underneath. Because of this, the wall clock has a striking frame and the room has a cozy corner. It is a special idea to include a stylish wall clock in a large living room.

An unusual wall clock can bring character to your living room.

If you’re one of those who like to try something different, this unique wall clock is highly recommended – it’s fun and quirky, eye-catching and eclectic. This rustic metal clock with all the gears, springs and mechanical details is certainly the center of attraction in any modern living room. It’s a masterpiece more and a timepiece less!

Pair your clock with decorative Keepsakes to complete the wall decor.

There is no need for expensive artwork to make your living room look good. Pairing a good looking wall clock with nice decorative pieces is a great idea to bring your living space to life. A vintage wall clock in the living room, interesting shelves and a fascinating collection of curiosities is more than enough to decorate this simple white wall by Jane.

Wooden accents exude timeless charm and grandeur.

Nothing says something like wood! Wooden design elements bring warmth into a house and radiate unparalleled charm and grandeur. This beautiful wooden wall clock perfectly matches the earthy tones of the wood finishes of the living room interiors. Elegant and inviting, what more could you ask for?

Mount Your Designer Wall Clock on a Textured Wall for a Chic Look

A lovely big wall clock in the living room on a textured wall is all the wall decor you may need. This large vintage-style clock with Roman numerals sits majestically upon an organically textured ash wall. It’s the shabby chic look which is perfect for a modern living space.

Wall clocks are pieces of practical art. They are an easy way to jazz up your living room wall and keep time too.  They keep us punctual and at the same time double up to serve as decorative elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. Designer Wall clocks are the easiest way to give your living room an instant facelift!